Shopping is one of my very favorite things to do. From shopping for clothing to home decor I throw myself into every project with vigor. A self pro-claimed shopping ninja I have a keen eye for what will work, what is worth investing in and what to throw your hard earned dollars at. One of my super powers is finding amazing deals on products and locating just the right piece to take an ensemble to the next level.  Let me take the stress out of fashion and we'll have the most fun ever building the perfect wardrobe to suit your lifestyle. 
Never again will you have to worry about managing your closet, what to purchase, pack or wear to that special event! I've got you covered! 

Every client is unique and I streamline all my services to fit your needs. I've listed a few of my top packages below to get the ball rolling. Feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call and we can get our fashion on! 

Need a seasonal wardrobe update, clothes for an upcoming vacation or just one outfit for a special occasion? Let me create the best look(s) for you, all via email. After scouring the web, I will send you outfit suggestions, complete with shoppable links, so you can order online and have the perfect clothes and accessories delivered right to your doorstep.

Schedule a Skype appointment with me and together we can eliminate any and all clothing dilemmas! We can discuss your wardrobe needs, desires and what you can do to amp things up and streamline your style!
  • $100 for 30 minutes 
  • $150 for 60 minutes

This is for the individual who has a closet full of fantastic clothes but often struggles with the "closet full of clothes but nothing to wear" syndrome. Together we'll shop your closet and create cohesive looks that mix together your favorite go-to pieces with others you never knew how to combine! 

Let's face it, packing is stressful! But not if you let me handle the stress of packing for your next business trip or vacation! Your wardrobe itinerary will be personalized according to your destination, weather forecast and the activities and events you have scheduled, and outlined for you daily, so you can look fabulous as you travel without thinking twice!

Hate trying to get dressed each day? Do you stare into your closet and struggle with items that once seemed so exciting? This is where I come in. I will step into your closet and help you rediscover the pieces you once loved and help you purge the pieces you desperately need to ditch. Together we can create a working wardrobe that will help you gain confidence in putting together outfits you know you'll look good in as well as pieces that you love. 

If you're ready to jump start your style email me: to get started today!

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