Hey y'all, I'm Amber!
Welcome to my little space of the web.
This is a place for me to express my thoughts on motherhood, being a wife, a business owner and a way to explore my interest in fashion and cultivate my personal style.
While I love fashion, I'm not a slave to trends but being a young(ish) mother I still want to look cute while out with my kiddos and still be able to morph into HAWT MAMA for cocktails with my Babe or my girls. Hence the name, From Carpools to Cocktails. 
Because let's be honest at the end of the day, sometimes mama needs a drink!

I am a free spirited, sometimes introverted, creative being and love hanging out with my friends and family.
Here you'll find a mix of my little life in sunny southern California. 
hodge podge of all the things I love, my family, my friends, my mild shoe & makeup obsession and how it all intermingles together!
I am working to  find the balance between my creative loves, my family life and my desire to still squeeze in a cocktail party or two. 
I own a makeup artistry company( Sweet Emotions Makeup Artistry) and will share plenty of mommy makeup tips both here and on my other beauty blog  as well as my quest for wicked personal style and all things home design related!
This blog is MY version of OUR story. 
 I document the ups, downs, the fashion hits, the beauty misses and the random nonsense that comes along with raising to very different kids.
Come along for the ride as I navigate this new suburban life! 
Making up the rules as I go along and probably breaking a few along the way. 
It's bound to be an exciting journey and I can't wait to get underway!!!
This is only the beginning.....

We all have a story to tell.......mine starts here.

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