Lightening Up With Bright Tech Shop

As you all are aware and have graciously been on this journey of making our house a home – you know I’m slowly bringing my Pinterest living room to life. While I was debating on a sofa and looking for a side table, we realized we were missing something else very important in the space: light.
The lighting in our rented home is not the best with no major light source in the main living space. It mainly resides in the front entry way and there is light in the dining room but that’s it. I like to read in the evening and even work from the couch so I needed some added light. But finding a lamp I loved was proving to be just as difficult as the side table search. Luckily for me, the lovely people at Brightech lamp reached out and they have a collection of floor and table lamps that made my heart go pitter-pat!

I chose the Harper because it’s exactly what I had in mind when I envisioned lighting for the living room. I loved the look of a tripod lamp and the Harper is all that I wanted and more. The set up was so simple Baby Ninja was happy to help and we loved how easy it was to put together. As soon as it arrived I knew exactly which corner of the room it was going in and when Husbae walked in the door he agreed that the space was instantly upgraded with the new lamp.

As much as I wanted to share, share, share about my new lamp, I knew it would look even more outstanding with our new sofa. A few weeks later the sofa arrived and the two compliment each other so perfectly it’s like they were meant to be. Earlier this year I took a home decor style quiz and it stated that I gravitated towards moody hues, with metal and wood accents and the occasional metallic thrown into the mix.
And I think our new living space reflects all of that and where we are in our current season of family life. I'm more about creating a space that is both comfortable and stylish while supporting brands who's ideals and philosophies are in line with my own. Brightech certainly fits the bill on both accounts. 

I found I liked both their mission and their product. Which is important to me as I get older. I'm not just bringing random ish into my home or partnering with just anyone these days. They believe (as I do) that good design should be available to everyone, not just those with large bank accounts. So they created a company that offers affordable, quality no dust lighting that are easy to assemble and compliment any home's style. The Harper fits perfectly with my design aesthetic and was so easy to put together, my 6 year-old did most of the work! 

This lamp was simply just what we needed at exactly the right time. It brightens up the room with it's understated and chic style. I love the added warmth it brings to my living room and as an avid book reader, it offers just the right amount of light to the room and for my eyes to allow me to curl up in the corner of the sofa with a new tome and cup of tea. 
It's amazing what a little light can do. 


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