Bedroom Boredom

Our bedroom is super boring. Before you get excited - I don’t mean that kind of boring. I’m talking about the overall design. In our last home I loved our bedroom. We painted the walls and there were hardwood floors and a full wall sliding door allowing for a ton of light to shine in. Our current room is carpeted, still has windows but not the best placement. (see below)

Our boring bedroom 

It also feels like our furniture is too heavy for the space as well as for this place we’re in right now. The bed and dresser are a set that we bought like 9 years ago - one of the first major purchases we made as a couple. It was our attempt at “adult” furniture as before we’d always just had a mattresses and bed frames. But over the last few years I’ve felt the pull towards something lighter

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Something more – not feminine, but something that feels more in alignment with where we are after 8 years of marriage. Relaxed and luxe with a mix of California cool but still full of life. We upgraded our mattress shortly after Baby Ninja was born and that was a BRILLIANT idea on our part. Now the rest of the room needs to match that upgrade.

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If you’re following along on my InstaStories you know that I’m taking a break from our living room couch conundrum to focus on our bedroom and how to make it into a place that is both stylish, relaxing and modern with a hint of bohemian flare.

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Thank goodness for Pinterest. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it these days.  I’ve rediscovered ideas and images I’d pinned long ago and now that I’m starting to make these dreams a reality – the variety and scope are serving me well.

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I’ve found a virtual treasure trove of ideas and inspiration photos that are helping me decide what kind of room I really want to have.

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Ideally – our bedroom is a retreat of sorts. It appeals to all our senses and is full of life, while also being a place of refuge to return to at the end of a long day. I want a rich vibrant color on the wall that feels like a hug but also offers that punch I so desperately need each day. 

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I’m leaning towards either an upholstered platform bed or a wicked looking headboard to add dimension. Layering with textures and a variety of fabrics is the only way I’m going to achieve the layered and lived in look that I’m drawn to. I know Instagram and a majority of pinspired bedrooms are trending towards a stark white Scandinavian style with a little boho hipster thrown in but that’s not us. We need to be reminded we’re alive no matter if that looks too “busy” to some or not.

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So, while, I’m still on the hunt for just the right couch for our living room, I’m also re-imagining and working on making the place I lay my head just as inviting.

What does your bedroom look like?


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