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The Couch Conundrum: To Color Or Not

I feel like I’ve spent the last year of my life hating our current couches. I’m just not a fan of leather couches although I totally understand the appeal of a good natural leather one w/ a modern spin. They are freezing in the winter and WAY too hot in the summer for my liking. I don’t particularly enjoy sticking to my seat while watching a movie with my family nor needing to put a blanket down just to sit and enjoy the lights from the Christmas tree.

But couches are EXPENSIVE y’all. Like stupid pricey. I mean, I know you get what you pay for and generally the more costly ones will likely last a lot longer but still, a decent sofa will run you about $1500 minimum and even more if you’re looking at a sectional or different types of fabrics. It’s hard to break with that kind of bread when you’ve got a kid in braces and a host of other expenses.

Of course I could just go to IKEA and drop a couple hundred on something there and that’s still an option but I also have to factor in Husbae’s t…

8 Things I've Learned In 8 Years of Marriage

Last month marked 8 years of marriage for husbae and I. Eight. years. In those eight years we have moved twice, welcomed a new baby (who is no longer a baby) begun raising a teenager, taken a few road trips, stayed up way too late, lost a sister, shed some tears, dealt with sickness and aging parents, argued about dumb stuff and laughed until we cried. It has been a wild ride full of twists, turns and stomach lurching drops we never saw coming. When I was 20 and falling in love I never imagined it would be like this. 

In the last eight years, I've learned a few things about marriage and relationships and since writing is my jam - I figured why not share some of what I've learned with you. 

Fight about what you’re fighting about. We are all guilty of arguing about one thing and a word or a look triggers us about that one time back in 2002 when you they did XYZ to piss you off/hurt your feelings. But instead of addressing it then, we “let it go” only to have it rear it’s ugly head…

Bedroom Boredom

Our bedroom is super boring. Before you get excited - I don’t mean that kind of boring. I’m talking about the overall design. In our last home I loved our bedroom. We painted the walls and there were hardwood floors and a full wall sliding door allowing for a ton of light to shine in. Our current room is carpeted, still has windows but not the best placement. (see below)

It also feels like our furniture is too heavy for the space as well as for this place we’re in right now. The bed and dresser are a set that we bought like 9 years ago - one of the first major purchases we made as a couple. It was our attempt at “adult” furniture as before we’d always just had a mattresses and bed frames. But over the last few years I’ve felt the pull towards something lighter

Something more – not feminine, but something that feels more in alignment with where we are after 8 years of marriage. Relaxed and luxe with a mix of California cool but still full of life. We upgraded our mattress shortly after B…