Light, Love & Laughter: Some Notes On My Rosé Birthday

At my age, there are few things that I desperately want for my birthday anymore. I don't ask for gifts save for the occasional gift card (they really are the gift that keeps on giving) and when asked about what I want my plans are; am hard pressed to come up with something specific that I desperately want to do. I mean the day spa is always a good idea though. 
My birthday goals are to enjoy my day doing things I love, with people I love, laughing a lot and eating good food. That's it. 
The fact that my birthday fell on National Rosé Day this year seemed like a sign from the Universe. Gather those that I love for an afternoon of day drinking, game playing and side splitting laughter. I don't mind hosting folks at my home so long as I get to barefoot in the backyard and am not on dish duty. 

After listening to Addye's birthday wish I realized light, love and laughter were the unintentional themes of the day. 
My favorite days are the ones when the stars align and the Universe conspires with me to make my dreams, both uttered and unspoken, come true. In true birthday magic form, it all worked out. My bestie is home and she came through and brought the food magic (not sure how I talked her into it but ever so glad I did), I got my french fry bar which I'd been dreaming about for months and some of my favorite folks fell through. We stayed up way too late, playing games, drinking rosé and laughing until our cheeks were sore. It was a glorious day. 

As I blew out my candles on my FunFetti cake (yes, FunFetti) I thought about what I wanted this year to bring about and as soon as I pursed my lips it hit me: Love, light and laughter are all I want. All I need. More laughter in my day to day, more laughing through tears, more love show and given (to myself + others), more light shared and spread. Being a light, feeling light, shining my light. 
More of all the things that make me, ME. More celebrating myself. Wins both big and small, sharing more of my stories with less worry about any consequences and what people will think. Just being. This last year of my thirties feels significant in many ways that I can't quite put my finger on. For the last two years it's felt like life was on pause and we were operating out of fear and necessity only. But the last six months have been eye opening. I hadn't realized how much we were still in fight or flight mode, nor had I noticed that I'd been holding my breath until I was finally able to exhale. 

Things are not perfect by any means but that is life though right, it's not perfect but it's fun. It is full of love, there is so much laughter and at the end of a dark dreary tunnel - there is light.

So cheers to 39 years and another 365 days full of bringing light love and laughter to my household and those around me. 


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