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Light, Love & Laughter: Some Notes On My Rosé Birthday

At my age, there are few things that I desperately want for my birthday anymore. I don't ask for gifts save for the occasional gift card (they really are the gift that keeps on giving) and when asked about what I want my plans are; am hard pressed to come up with something specific that I desperately want to do. I mean the day spa is always a good idea though.   My birthday goals are to enjoy my day doing things I love, with people I love, laughing a lot and eating good food. That's it.  The fact that my birthday fell on National Ros é  Day this year seemed like a sign from the Universe. Gather those that I love for an afternoon of day drinking, game playing and side splitting laughter. I don't mind hosting folks at my home so long as I get to barefoot in the backyard and am not on dish duty.  After listening to Addye's birthday wish I realized light, love and laughter were the unintentional themes of the day.  My favorite days are the ones when the stars a