Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts You Can Grab On Your Weekly Target Run

Y'all, Mother's Day is this weekend. As in Sunday. THIS Sunday. Yeah, I sort of spaced on it too and thought I had at least another week to prepare. Apparently not. If you're like me and kind of maybe didn't plan ahead because for some reason your days are off - I am here to help.

We all know I spend an inordinate amount of time in Target scouring the shelves for the best deals and nailing down the cutest styles that will and a oompf to your closet and home. So, I went ahead and scrolled the Target website to see what they had and found a ton of gifts that won't blow your budget and you can grab during your weekly Target run.

*Don't front, you were going there anyway for something, why not add in a sweet card for mom (or yourself if you're a mom) and call it a day?

Mom's are busy and while a "mom purse" is totally a thing, we don't always want to lug one around all day. A cute cross body is an unexpected hue can be the change she needs to put a little more pep in her step. 

I love a good cookbook and your mom probably does too. Joanna Gaines is kind of the poster child for momming right now so why not hook mom up with her cookbook and hint at the possibility of having dinner together. 
Jewelry is always a good idea (no sizing needed) and SugarFix by BaubleBar has a great variety of earrings, bracelets and necklaces to keep mom happy. 

If mom's style is a little more classic, a tried and true scarf can be a great way to go. Plus mom will be able to accessorize her favorite sundresses with it! 

For the plant lover, show her you notice her love of all things green and surprise her with a stylish and fun hanging plant holder. It's chic, it's stylish and it will keep her plants out of harm's reach. Done and done. 

If you're totally stumped and unsure of her style, may I suggest a cute coffee mug and pound of coffee? It says "I love you and I understand what you need to survive and keep things running".  

They are speaking my whole love language with their Brunch Ideas section. There is a whole section of items to make the best brunch ever for your fave. This is a GREAT way to show mom love. The woman who fed you for so many years. 

 Or hint to your significant other that this is what YOU'D love for your special day. Because brunch. And mimosas. And moms. They just go together. This is really the best gift if time just isn't on your side this week.

So that's my quick list of items to grab on your next Target run that are most likely to still be in stock. And don't underestimate the power of a regular gift card! We like those too!!


  1. Anytime you post about Target I get on trouble. As SOON as I hit home base I'm going in!

  2. You had me at Target! LOL These are great gift ideas- the Magnolia Table cookbook is on my wish list!


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