5 Home Design Books You Need As Your Discover Your Home Style

My book collection is something I am both proud and slightly ashamed of. I have a lot of them in a wide variety of genres. I absolutely love books of all kinds and when I was younger, dreamed of a home with floor to ceiling shelves and possibly a rolling ladder to reach them all. Domino compiled a list of home design style traits by sign and mine was so spot on it was scary! 

And it got me to thinking, what about those who don't really know their design style. What about those who just sort of fell into a style and haven't given it much thought? The ones who are drawn to certain items in stores but don't purchase because those items don't go with their current decor? What about the people who's homes have no personality? The ones where they look like they came with all the furnishings and they're just occupying the space, not really living there? 

Because I love y'all, I compiled a list of all the books I think one would need to get a handle on their personal design style and a few that would assist with figuring out how to make it all work. Especially when you live with other people. 

Domino is kind of the O.G when it comes to online publications on home design. I remember reading the magazine for years and was psyched when the first book came out. This second one is just as good. A guide to creating a home that is stylish but also YOU. Not some magazine inspiration but real life living and inspiration all up in the pages. It's also on my Amazon list. 

Okay, so maybe you've hit the stores and bought a few things to make your house a home but they're just sort of sitting there. No rhyme or reason to where you've placed them. Emily Henderson's new book is full of photos that will inspire and teach you how to style your home and get those knick-knacks in some kind of order Your house will be Instagram worthy in no time! 

I found this book in the bookstore on accident while roaming the aisles and just skimming through it, found it to be so helpful. I like an organized home. It makes me feel good about my life and I really enjoy knowing exactly where the scissor are and that the thank you cards will be in the same spot every time. This book tells you how to get to that point.

 I hollered when I read parts from this book while in the bookstore. Orlando seems like my kind of guy and his tongue in cheek way of describing design styles is right up my alley. I cannot wait for it to show up on my doorstep. 

I'm a long time fan of Justina and her second book did not disappoint. It also helped me to show my husband how exactly things could work and what I mean when I say houses have a certain energy. It also has a ton of inspiration photos so that's super helpful too.

Bonus: If you're looking to add to some plant babies in your home this is a great book to start with! And so are these posts from Shavonda at SG Style Blog and Carmeon Cohesive Randomness they have ALL the plants , both indoor and outdoor and a ton of tips to help you get your whole jungalicious life together. I've read them both several times over and will be making several trips to the nursery this summer. 

Do you have a home design style?


  1. I just need for the authors of all these books to come over, change my home life for the better and leave me instructions. I've become the lazy mom around these parts. I so badly want a home that is Insta worthy, but for now, I'll take the ragamuffins at the moment, because clean will come as SOON as they are all out of my house, and that will be too soon.

  2. I have an I love all books style, but home design, I hope in my next house.

    I especially like the cover of the Get It Together book. I might need to get it for me!


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