Super Hero's Are Super Fun

 LEGO's play a big role in our lives here at Casa de Dorsey. They are LITERALLY everywhere (just found one in the bathroom) and have kind of taken over. And as painful as it can be to step on one, they still hold a special place in my heart. The whole family gets in on the set up and we really enjoy seeing how the different pieces fit together to make these really cool cars, houses, animals and other structures.


I love watching Baby Ninja's face light up when he opens a new box and see's all the pieces tumble out. He's recently figured out how to put the sets together himself so we're ALL a little more excited for him to get new ones. It used to be that we'd spend hours putting together sets just for him to play with them for a few hours and then begin to dismantle them on his own to create new things.

They spark his imagination in a way no other toy has yet to capture both his creative building streak (he rarely leaves them in their intended state for long) and he has so much fun building new creations that it's sort of hard to turn them away. I mean, I can complain about all the little pieces, but in the end it buys me a LOT of peace of mind while he's occupied with them. 

Our good friends at LEGO were kind enough to send over some new sets to help us celebrate National Super Hero Day this Saturday and the timing could not have been better. We took the kids to see The Avengers: Infinity War on Sunday after Baby Ninja put both sets of Super Hero's Mighty Micros 

He had such a blast figuring out which pieces went where and was so proud of himself for getting it all done without having to ask for help! I was jazzed as well. 

I love watching him get creative with his play and how he knew that Thor and Loki were conflicted about their relationship but still brothers who had to battle it out. It was pretty cute to watch.

He was also super excited to play with Harley Quinn and Batman and discover even more sets while looking through the pamphlets that came inside each box. 

He's already decided to save up some allowance to purchase another set!

Who's your favorite super hero?


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