Opal House Collection Is For Those Ballin On A Budget

Two weeks ago Target launched yet another new collection that was guaranteed to snatch all our edges and take our coins. But it wasn't a new clothing line, oh no, they hit us where it really hurts: home decor. In response to their super successful revamped Threshold line, Project 62 and Magnolia Hearth & Hand, they introduced us all to Opalhouse and it made me want to throw my computer.
EVERYTHING in the line is stupid cute. 

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There are three collections within the new brand and I am having a hard time deciding which one is more "me". They have Indochic, Canyon Sunrise and Mallorca. And I literally want everything.

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Because they are smart like that, each store received various pieces (for example mine didn't have much in the way of dinnerware but DID have more rugs and decorative accents) and I've been stalking the hashtag to see what people have scored and how they are styling it within their current home decor situations. Literally I want toss everything in my living room and start from scratch. 

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They somehow managed to combine all that is cool and trending in the design world (hello boho style) throw in some fun prints and bright colors along with handmade textures and natural elements. There is even a variety of removable wallpaper that you can experiment with before committing to anything major. It just makes me happy and I want to decorate my entire house with it. 

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But what I REALLY love, is that it's affordable. I mean let's be honest here: home decor and furnishings can be pricey AF and it's hard out here for a mama to find her groove when other places are charging a month's worth of sports lessons for a lamp or a night stand. But with this latest launch, Target proves once again, they are listening to their consumers and it's paying off big time.

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Everyone I've talked to has mentioned how much they love the new line. I mean have you seen the wallpaper? And that they are having a hard time deciding what to purchase because zomg did you see the elephant basket and those over sized pillows? Yes, Opalhouse is the latest craze and if loving it is wrong, I don't ever want to be right. 

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Still trying to figure out how to justify the expense of a whole new bath/bedding/living room set to husbae. 
Well done Target, well, done indeed. 


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