One-Pieces Are The New Hotness

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Something strange is going on y'all. After twenty some odd years searching for the perfect suit for summer. I find myself gravitating towards ..... one pieces.
It's like I don't even know who I am y'all. I have at least eight bikini's in my drawer upstairs including the coveted palm print one I scored off Amazon last year. I also never wore it because I need to get the straps adjusted and it's HELLA cheeky. So it's super inappropriate for wearing around the kiddies.
However, recently I find myself drawn to one-piece bathing suits. Which as a total beach/ pool girl is an odd thing but still. There is something about them that is making look twice. Maybe it's that the cuts are now much more flattering than before. Or perhaps I realize that I'm getting a little older and maybe getting a little more self conscious about baring my midriff? 

Image via Zara

image via aerie

But either way, lately, I've got a thing for these fresh takes on the tried and true one piece. 
So naturally I thought I'd share my faves with y'all. We've got everything from bold prints, to sassy cut-outs, high cut thighs and a deep v plunge. Not exactly sure how my mom boobs will look in them but I'm willing to take the risk with free shipping and free returns for most. 

Image via Zara
image via aerie

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 Then again, maybe it's because my girl Ashley has been rocking several varieties while on her honeymoon and that gave me major real life inspo. Granted she makes almost any suit look great but she's selling the hell out of the ones she packed. Enough to perhaps pull the trigger on one of these cute little numbers?

Image via Zara

Image via Shein

Who knows what the real reason is? I just know that I'll be adding a one-piece to my already abundant swim suit collection. Sooner rather than later. The real question is - will you be joining me on this new path? 

Which is your fave? 


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