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Super Hero's Are Super Fun

LEGO's play a big role in our lives here at Casa de Dorsey. They are LITERALLY everywhere (just found one in the bathroom) and have kind of taken over. And as painful as it can be to step on one, they still hold a special place in my heart. The whole family gets in on the set up and we really enjoy seeing how the different pieces fit together to make these really cool cars, houses, animals and other structures.

I love watching Baby Ninja's face light up when he opens a new box and see's all the pieces tumble out. He's recently figured out how to put the sets together himself so we're ALL a little more excited for him to get new ones. It used to be that we'd spend hours putting together sets just for him to play with them for a few hours and then begin to dismantle them on his own to create new things.

They spark his imagination in a way no other toy has yet to capture both his creative building streak (he rarely leaves them in their intended state for long) and h…

Opal House Collection Is For Those Ballin On A Budget

Two weeks ago Target launched yet another new collection that was guaranteed to snatch all our edges and take our coins. But it wasn't a new clothing line, oh no, they hit us where it really hurts: home decor. In response to their super successful revamped Threshold line, Project 62 and Magnolia Hearth & Hand, they introduced us all to Opalhouse and it made me want to throw my computer.
EVERYTHING in the line is stupid cute. 

There are three collections within the new brand and I am having a hard time deciding which one is more "me". They have Indochic, Canyon Sunrise and Mallorca. And I literally want everything.

Because they are smart like that, each store received various pieces (for example mine didn't have much in the way of dinnerware but DID have more rugs and decorative accents) and I've been stalking the hashtag to see what people have scored and how they are styling it within their current home decor situations. Literally I want toss everything in my l…

One-Pieces Are The New Hotness

Something strange is going on y'all. After twenty some odd years searching for the perfect suit for summer. I find myself gravitating towards ..... one pieces.
It's like I don't even know who I am y'all. I have at least eight bikini's in my drawer upstairs including the coveted palm print one I scored off Amazon last year. I also never wore it because I need to get the straps adjusted and it's HELLA cheeky. So it's super inappropriate for wearing around the kiddies.
However, recently I find myself drawn to one-piece bathing suits. Which as a total beach/ pool girl is an odd thing but still. There is something about them that is making look twice. Maybe it's that the cuts are now much more flattering than before. Or perhaps I realize that I'm getting a little older and maybe getting a little more self conscious about baring my midriff? 

But either way, lately, I've got a thing for these fresh takes on the tried and true one piece. 
So naturally I tho…

Pilates: A Life + Body Changer

Earlier this year I made a commitment to take better care of myself in both body spirit. Which sounds good in theory but in actuality can be a lot harder if you're not proactive about doing so. About a month ago I stumbled on a new local Pilates studio. I lurked outside for a few weeks before finally going in and grabbing a card to check out their pricing and backstory online. 

I've basically taken a tour of all the local free intro classes and done all the leg work to discover who has the best studio in town. You're welcome. 
But finding this studio was basically divine timing. Pilates has absolutely changed my life. I know, it sounds mad cheesy but it's true. I've always worked out in some shape or form since I was a kid. So I'm not new to the world of working out but it's been a minute since I've done anything beyond squats around the house or a brisk walk in the neighborhood. 

I knew I needed to do something to get my body feeling better but there was …