Sweet Pea's Teenage Dream

It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine.....

WAAAAAYYY back when, I used to be a big fan of My Super Sweet 16 on MTV. Maybe fan isn't the right word. I used to watch (along with the rest of the country) in awe as these ridiculously wealthy families threw absurdly over the top parties for their kinda bratty, definitely spoiled soon to be sixteen year old's. And I was maybe a little salty. I remember my 16th birthday well and it didn't end with me getting a brand new Mercedes coupe with a bow on and my girlfriends and I riding off into the night. Nah, it was more like a trip to the DMV to get my driver's permit and then dinner + a movie with my MOM.

So,when my own daughter began her decent into the land of sixteen we started kicking around the idea of having a party just for her. Being the oldest she sometimes gets shafted in the amount of birthday love as her brother's birthday is a mere two weeks prior and by the time her big day comes around, we are often tapped out on funds, patience and creativity. But I was determined to make this year and this birthday different. I wanted her to feel special. But I also didn't want to go into debt doing it. 

So we put our heads together to come up with a party idea that was a little bit unique/ different than what her friends had been doing. She wanted a PARTY but rather than just have a bunch of kids over and put on some music and watch them stand around, we decided an outdoor movie night was just the thing. It was different and not something all her friends were doing. She was into it. 

Luckily for me, I had recently discovered JoyMode on Instagram, a company helping Angelenos get the most out of life without necessarily adding more stuff to their lives. They offer these dope experiences (think backyard glamping, giant games etc) for rent so you don't have to spend a fortune to purchase all the equipment yourself, and then figure out where to store it all. Once I discovered them it was ON. 

After perusing the website I found out they had an Outdoor Movie Night experience and once I mentioned it to Sweet Pea, everything fell into place. I picked up the equipment at their DTLA warehouse (which is oddly located down the street from one of my previous jobs) the Thursday before the party and prayed it didn't rain. The pickup couldn't have been easier and I was in and out in less than 20 minutes. It took me longer to get home (thanks L.A. traffic) than it did to pick up the items. And everything fit tidily in my car! 

We hoped the rain would hold off on Saturday as it was pouring all Friday night. In the meantime, we set up the screen and projector in the garage to test everything out so Saturday would go off without a hitch and there would be no time wasted figuring out what went where. 
Listen, y'all the set up was so daggone easy I could've done it all by myself. The screen and stand were up in less than ten minutes as was the projector table and chairs. 
They even hooked us up with a popcorn machine so the kids had fresh hot popcorn at their leisure! We had pizza and s'mores and candy galore. Really, it was the teen dream. 

The night turned out to be such a success and Sweet Pea had the Sweet 16 she wanted and I didn't have to break the bank to pull it off! 

I even heard some of the teenagers proclaim it to be the coolest thing they've ever seen at someone's home! Which if you know teenagers, they are hard to impress so I felt like such a dope mom after pulling this off! Cheers to me!

If you want to try out JoyMode you can use my code and get $10 off your first experience!! 

What was YOUR Sweet 16 like? 


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