A KIA Soul-O Trip

*I was lent a car by KIA Motors for this experience but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

I often preach about women (particularly mothers) taking care of themselves even if I myself struggle with doing just that at times. Self-care is more than just bubble baths & massages right? It's feeding our souls and nourishing all parts of us, including investing in our businesses. Part of my business includes attending conferences and with that comes time away from the family and day to day duties of being mom. Solo time as it were. But it's not really solo time in that I'm usually carpooling with a colleague or two to our destination.

However, last month I traveled to Palm Springs for Altitude Summit all by myself and it was glorious. When I first found out I was going I was ecstatic as this conference has been on my list for YEARS (I won a ticket from my friends at Everywhere Society) and it was just the boost I needed to get my butt back in gear after a kind of lackluster January. 

My friends at KIA Motors were kind enough to lend me a car for the trip as I realized I would be travelling solo for the first time in forever. Most of my mama friends understand when I say, it's a rare thing to be in the car all by your lonesome. I was thrilled at the thought of a solo road trip. And then I looked at the travel time; approximately an hour and a half and realized, "well that's not much of a road trip now is it? It takes me longer to get to my SIL's house in the Valley!" 

But still, the thought of quiet time in the car thrilled me. And then they delivered this zippy little KIA Soul to my house  and my excitement mounted. It was bigger inside than I remembered from my last KIA experience and it had so many bells and whistles, like multiple USB ports and heated seats!
Also surprising was the trunk space. I'm no light weight when it comes to packing for road trips (my shoes deserve their own bag do they not?) so I was happy I could cram all my gear into the trunk with room to spare AND have the backseat free. 
It also gets GREAT gas mileage so that made me stupid happy. I drove around for four days before heading out and drove all the way to Palm Springs on the same tank of gas. Matter of fact, I only got gas for the return trip to quell my passengers fear of running out should we hit traffic on the road home. 

But back to my, ME time. After drop off I hopped in the car and hit the road. I turned up the radio as loud as I wanted and sang my heart out. Apparently all the radio stations new I was ridin solo and played ALL my favorite gangster rap. It was a good time. Shout out to all those who saw me jammin in the car on the freeway and just smiled. I was in the ZONE. 

Aside from doing my own version of carpool karaoke, I had plenty of time to just think. It seems my mind is moving at hyper-speed most days so it was refreshing to just zone out a bit and let my thoughts unravel. I set intentions for what I wanted to do at the conference and what I hoped to get out of it. That quiet time was so necessary y'all. Things happened so fast with winning the ticket and being chosen for the live pitch contest with Alaska Airlines that I hadn't had time to really process it all. So many things I had asked for were falling into place and I needed that drive, albeit somewhat brief, to really take it all in.  
And in no time, I hit the wind turbines that signal the arrival into Palm Springs and my heart did a little jump as my journey was coming to end. Or so I thought. It actually ended up being the very beginning of so much more than I thought. This road trip - turned into a soul trip. One that I didn't know I needed but am eternally grateful I had the opportunity to take.

When was the last time you got out on the open road?


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