On Cutting My Hair & Other People's Opinions

Last week I was standing in line for free fro-yo while my son was wildin' out with a new friend he'd made while waiting and the kid's mom mentioned she liked my curls.
I responded as I always do, with an enthusiastic "oh thank you!" and then, before I could stop myself, I added "I'm about ready to cut it". Immediately I regretted it as she looked aghast and said "Noo. But whyy?"

Huh? Even though I knew better than to expect any other type of reaction I was still somewhat taken aback by a stranger having such strong thoughts about MY hair. 

got braids last year and people had THOUGHTS

 And it got me to thinking. Was I looking for validation in my desire to be part of the #cutlife and that's why I mentioned it? Or was it just me making conversation? But even if I was - why did she feel the need to suggest I not do it? What is it in folks that makes them think their opinions are valid or that they have a say?

image via @kekecameron 

Usually whenever one of my girlfriends mentions she is changing her hair I'm like 'ooohhh what are you gonna do?'
I don't usually try to talk anyone out of cutting their hair. Unless it's bangs. Everyone regrets bangs after the first week of forehead sweat. 
But I digress. 
I am team short hair don't care all day. Have been for awhile. It's only since Baby Ninja was born that I've been low-key growing it out again. But it's always interesting to me how invested we/some people are in other women's hair.
The number of people who have had opinions on what I should or shouldn't do with my hair is intriguing to me.

image via @kekecameron 

So much of who we are as women, especially black women, is tied into our hair. It's seen as our crowning glory and something to be shown off, valued and examined in it's various states. Black hair is the source of so much stress, struggle and love. It's also a billion dollar industry. Women of color have been fighting against their natural textures and patterns since forever. Looking for acceptance by adhering to societal "norms" and whatnot. It's a whole struggle y'all. 

Thankfully - I have some dope inspo for hair and keep getting messages from the Universe that yup, it is indeed time to cut it all off. Seriously, the number of women in my feed with fresh cuts has more than doubled and I take that as a sign. 

image via @Rio Summers

I'd be lying if I said I din't have some reservations about cutting it all off. It's been a LONG time since I've done someting super drastic (two years since I experiment w/ the blue) and I am hella nervous to see/hear people's reactions to such a drastic cut but one thing I do know - "a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life" - Coco Chanel. 
I am ready to be that woman. To make that change and shed my former skin and rise up to the next level. 

So I'm starting with the woman in the mirror. 


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