Kickin It With Chrissy Teigen

I don't fan girl over celebrities for the most part. Growing up in California and then working in the music industry in college, I've met/seen my fair share of famous folk and I get excited but not in a  jump up and down screaming way.

Until last week. I was invited to attend an intimate brunch with none other than Chrissy Teigen at the renowned Chateau Marmont. I may or may not have squealed in delight when I got the invite.

I've been a fan of hers for years. Last year when she launched her cookbook I pre-ordered it immediately and we've enjoyed several recipes from it since. So yeah - I was JAZZED to go brunch with her. 

As she's currently an ambassador for VitaCoco we were there to talk about their new Coconut Milk. Confession: I don't particularly like actual coconut. BUT I do use coconut milk for my creamer. I'm not sure how that works but it does. So I was interested to see how the coconut milk tasted and it was so delicious in my coffee. I'm also digging how they've incorporated it into cooking so you still get that great flavoring without any over powering flavors. Which for me is kind of important! 

blueberry coconut pancakes! 

Breakfast was delicious with blueberry pancakes, avocado toast, granola parfait and of course bacon. I loved hearing Chrissy discuss how she incorporates coconut milk into her cooking and why. As well as how her tastes have evolved as she's become a mother and even now while she's currently incubating baby number two. I also loved that she was honest about how she uses the product as well as how she eats and how this partnership has affected her eating habits and cooking style.

At the risk of sounding incredibly cliche, she was just as dope as I imagined she would be. She comes across extremely professional but also very fun. Basically who she is on Twitter and Instagram is exactly who you're getting in real life. How do I know? Well after the brunch we were heading out and I ever so nonchalantly shouted "I love your cookbook" while she was sitting in the bar area and she waved us over to chat a bit more. I low-key died a little. But I played it cool. (read negative chill was had)
To make things even sweeter- while waiting for our cars at valet she walked by and said goodbye again and posed for a quick selfie! She declared us to be in good lighting so I knew I could post with her approval! So far it's my most liked photo which is bananas to me. 

 They even shared one of the recipes from her new cookbook and I'm excited to bring this to the next potluck! No cooking and it only takes 15 minutes to prep? I'm sold! 

Honestly, I cannot wait for the new cookbook to hit shelves so in the meantime I guess I'll just survive on the memories of a fun morning and these fabulous recipes they shared with us.


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