Sunday Soul Glow: Rituals & Routines To Start The Week

In this fresh new year I've made a promise to myself. One to take even better care of my person than I have in years past. To get done the things that need to be done and not fret about the ones that I'm not able to get to. And to give myself permission to rest, relax and be still/lazy. 

Ridiculously lazy weekends are ideal but no longer a reality. Back before we had kids we could lay in bed and around the house all day not really doing anything. And it was fabulous. now, that we have kids  and they have birthday parties, rehearsals, and more that require us to be out of the house for hours at a time, lazy weekends are few and farther between. But, a key tenet to my theme this year is glow and the best way for me to glow is to nourish my soul both inside and out. That means making Sunday Soul Glow a thing in my house.

I'm focusing on being still when I have the opportunity and using that time to do things that make me smile and help ease me into the week ahead. 
so I've come up with a three point plan to make my Sundays all about getting my glow on. 

Soak: Making Sundays my day for a long evening soak makes the most sense for my life. The week day evenings are kind of hectic and I don't want to have to rush my luxuriating so I can finish washing clothes,so I'm saving my soaking for Sundays. It's also a great way to wind down in the evening before bed and I think it will help waking up on Monday less jarring. Maybe. 

Sip: Tea, coffee, champagne. Whatever seems to be fueling my soul in that moment while curling up with a book that nourishes my spirit and my mind. I do love hot tea on a cool day and this winter-ish weather is my favorite for pouring a steaming cup. But weekends are also for mimosas + coffee so that is definitely staying part of the routine. 

Smell: Candles are one of must have indulgences. I love them so much and I tend to hoard them for as long as possible but also burn them as often as I can. Smells play a huge part in moods and I often burn palo santo/sage to cleanse the house and then light candles before my morning meditation. I love having candles lit all over the house giving it a warm and inviting feeling. Not to mention the place smells great without me having to do any hard work! Double win! 

When I think of a relaxing day, I think of sipping coffee, tea and possibly champagne. Reading a good book. Lounging in pajamas with candles lit and just being still. Granted, that's not easy to do with an active five year old running around but you get the idea. Not every single Sunday will allow for me to be home and be still but having these rituals in place will allow me to 
It may not happen all at once but I make it happen. Well I'm making it happen. 

What rituals do you have to get you going for the week?


  1. I prep all of my daughter's clothing for the week on Sunday so we don't have to fuss about it during the week. Ironed, hung by day, with shoes and accessories. I do this for myself as well. Makes for a smoother week for us :-)


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