5 Outfits To Prove You NEED Over The Knee Boots

Let's talk about boots shall we? There are so many different styles, textures and colors that it's a bit hard to keep up at times. I'm a huge fan of them but I don't own nearly as many as I'd like. If you'd ask me years ago, I would've told you that I wasn't sure I could pull off over the knee boots or that they were even really for me and my lifestyle but in recent years I've come to change my stance on this after a mad search for black flat OTK's (as they're known in the fashion world) four years ago. Now I feel like I need to add a variety of colors and heel heights to my collection. Lately, I'm finding myself in love with the idea of dresses and over the knee boots. Shirt dresses, sweater dresses, t-shirt dresses, floral print dresses and more. I can picture so many ways to style them I had no choice but to head to Polyvore and see what I could pull together. 

This is what happens when I'm styling for other people and holiday shopping at the same time. I end up on a creative styling spree of my dreams while not spending a single dime. Which is great for my bottom line and my CFO stays off my back. 

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Can we just talk about how perfectly boho chic this look is? I'm not usually one for florals but paired back to over the knee camel colored boots, a stunning oxblood fedora and dangling earrings it's asking to be taken to a museum or botanical garden for an impromptu photo shoot. 

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There is so much about this ensemble that speaks to me. Simple yet yet makes such a statement. This like my ideal work at home mom life. A little bit sexy, a whole lot stylish and room to eat snacks comfortably. And oxblood boots? Sign me up please. 

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Come through grey boots! I wish the weather were cool enough to wear this on a daily basis. I'd be all over it. Faux fur coat and high boots? Yep. I'm ALL in. This is screaming 'dinner date with my husbae. And who doesn't love a stylish hat? Particularly good for those days your hair just won't cooperate. 

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What's black white and red all over? A checked shirt dress, semi-flat boots and a stylish scarf. Definitely my style.The mixing of larger and smaller checks/plaids gives it an edgy feel while still being cute and still casual(ish) enough to not get stared at while cruising Target. Naturally a red lip is in order for that extra pop of color and sass. 

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I said I wasn't into florals but this particular dress is begging to be paired back to this fun teal pair. By doing so it's actually making me re-consider this dress and not just pass over it while browsing the racks. A great day date look as well as brunch, lunch with the girls or just a day out on the town. 

Clearly my style is evolving yet again as evidenced by all these outfit choices, now only if I could work my magic to make all these pieces appear in my closet without breaking my budget. That would be a holiday miracle. 

Which look is your favorite? 


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