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5 Outfits To Prove You NEED Over The Knee Boots

Let's talk about boots shall we? There are so many different styles, textures and colors that it's a bit hard to keep up at times. I'm a huge fan of them but I don't own nearly as many as I'd like. If you'd ask me years ago, I would've told you that I wasn't sure I could pull off over the knee boots or that they were even really for me and my lifestyle but in recent years I've come to change my stance on this after a mad search for black flat OTK's (as they're known in the fashion world) four years ago. Now I feel like I need to add a variety of colors and heel heights to my collection. Lately, I'm finding myself in love with the idea of dresses and over the knee boots. Shirt dresses, sweater dresses, t-shirt dresses, floral print dresses and more. I can picture so many ways to style them I had no choice but to head to Polyvore and see what I could pull together. 
This is what happens when I'm styling for other people and holiday shop…