Yes, I Make Myself Breakfast Everyday

When I learned that Baby Ninja was only going to be in school until 12pm I absolutely grumbled. I work from home and am the primary care person for my father which means I have to do a lot of scheduling for appointments for him and I still have work to finish. All by 12pm. I also knew this would cut into my mornings as a creative person. Sometimes my juices don't get flowing until 11am so I've got to get in where I fit in and squeezing errands into that time is sometimes hard for me.

A lot of people say "Amber you have four hours to yourself to run errands and do work why do you complain?" and I respond;"Well, after drop off I come home, make coffee and eat breakfast that only gives me about 3.5 hrs to do what I need to do sans kids. Not including time spent in the car going to and from these excursions."  
"But why do you have to make breakfast? Can't you just pick up something, do something easy like yogurt/ cereal or just skip it?" And yeah, I could. And sometimes I do pick up something if I HAVE to hit the stores early or take my dad to the doctor but I rarely skip breakfast anymore.

Here's why:

1) Because I matter. Mothers often put themselves last on all their lists and take care of their families needs first. I used to be totally guilty of this. I would skip breakfast in order to get the things done on  my list so before picking up the kids but you know what that made me? A bitch.
I would be STARVING and would take my hanger out on the hubs or the kids so I make it a point to eat breakfast each day.

2) I often skip lunch. Because I have limited morning hours I don't always get lunch at lunchtime. I pick up my son, make him a quick lunch, put him down for a nap, then hop right back into my work and don't stop until it's time to pick up the teenager. This means I rarely sit down to eat a proper lunch and again - hanger. If I'm eating breakfast, I at least have something to tide me over until dinner that's not just a few handfuls of cheez-its.

3) It makes me stop and slow down for a bit. Even if I'm sitting at my desk eating or have my phone at the table scrolling emails and making lists/ notes on things I need to get done for the day. Savoring my breakfast allows me to stop for just a minute and think clearly about my day before plunging in feet first.

4) I love bacon. I mean c'mon. If you've seen any of my InstaStories or IG posts you know how much I like my bacon and there is no shame in my bacon making game. I will make myself several pieces and not think twice about it. It's the perfect complement to almost any breakfast and since I don't do cold cereal (milk is not my friend) this makes all the sense.

Listen, my breakfasts aren't "fancy" by any means, I'm not making French toast y'all, but I do make a mean avocado toast and I do like the occasional egg white scramble so judge your mom and worry about your eyebrows and let me eat in peace.


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