Undercover Sneaker Lover

As my style has evolved over the years there are is something that has remained consistent: I'm kind of obsessed with sneakers.
And I have been for years. If you look at photos from my college years, that's pretty much all that's in our closet and my roommate had an even better collection than I did. We had everything from shell toes to air max's and puma's, we did not discriminate. 
Admittedly there was a time when I didn't want to wear them so much and was 'all heels all the time' because I thought I "needed" to wear them to be taken seriously as wife and mother (snort) but as I've gotten older (and had more kids) I've realized, I'm actually a sneaker head at. I also happen to enjoy heels. But that's not my every day shoe of choice. 
Duality and balance. That's what it's all about.

Currently I'm crushing everything Nike. I'm not 100% brand loyalist as I do love my Adidas shell toes but for the last few years - Nike has been killing the game for me. They've been really doing their part to keep things fresh and current. They're so on trend I can't stand it and recently dropped a pair of rose gold air max that I absolutely lost my mind over. I discovered them just last week and they're already sold out. I even went so far to reach out to my friends that work for the brand (yeah I got a sneaker guy, a couple actually; ask about me) and they both said no dice.
I know all the fashionistas copped a pair and I'm super jelly about it! I was just waiting to get paid again!
I have never wanted a pair of Air Max's so badly! But, I still found a few others that made my heart go pitter pat. Gold, rose gold, lavender and midnight blue? Be still my heart. 
I only wish I could afford to stock my closet with all eight pair but 1) that would be pricey and a little excessive 2) I'm still shooting for somewhat of a minimalist approach to my closet so I'm also trying to pare down a bit. But damn if I can't think of a way to style all of these and how dope they'd look on my feet. I mean - do you see how sick those lavender Air Force One's are? They scream: Amber! 

Matter of fact, I might be over due for some new kicks.......

For deets on all the sneaks featured click below


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