Rose Gold, Rose Quartz and Rosé

I'm not big on dressing up for the holidays and usually the week leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas has me running around like a chicken with it's head cut off in jeans and sneakers. I like to keep things simple and be comfortable, but I also like to be cute. The weekend of Thanksgiving is when my bestie and I have our annual bottomless mimosa brunch. And I do mean annually
She doesn't live here any more so we don't get to sit around and cackle as often as we like. She's also one of like, five people I would cross several freeways for so when she comes to town; it's going DOWN. We brunch hard and for hours. It's just what we do.
And we all know brunch is just as much about being cute as it is about the mimosas and the food. So for me, an outfit that brings all of that to into play is really what's poppin. 

My homegirl Xenia just launched a new limited edition sweatshirt "Rose Quartz Is My Homegirl" and I legit SCREAMED when I saw it. 

thanksgiving week

Rose quartz was the second crystal I ever owned thanks to her and she gifted it to me. Honestly, ever since that moment, my life has changed in so many ways. So when she first dropped it as a tee I snatched it up, post haste. But when it arrived, I knew it wasn't 'for me' per se and had to pass it on. So I in turn, gifted the tee to my other crystal carrying homegirl. She posted a photo wearing it a few weeks back and I was instantly salty I hadn't bought another one. And then this sweatshirt drops just in perfect timing with the weather so I knew it was a sign and I had to have it. I also found these rose gold Nike's and was like well they just go together! Y'all know I'm about that sneaker game and statement tee life. Paired with some stunna shades and my favorite lip gloss from Fenty Beauty? Giiirrrrl. You won't be able to tell me nothing at brunch. NOTHING. 

This outfit also works when hanging out with the fam over the holidays and we all know you can't really show up someplace, eat up all the good food and not bring something. So even if you're not cooking, a bottle of rosé is always a good idea. Sometimes, two bottles is better. 

Just saying. 

What are your favorite outfits to wear around the holidays?

Click the images below for shopping details!

H&M slim fit jeans
$26 -

NIKE rubber sole shoes

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
$125 -

Puma lip gloss

Crewneck sweatshirt


  1. During the holidays we are laid back, no stuffiness. Leggings a cute top and my uggs do me just fine!


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