Getting Lifted - Lashes That Is

Why is it that boys have all the luck with eyelashes? My brother, my husband and my son all have covetable eyelashes. Mine are hella curly which is awesome but they don't do much beyond that. And some of them like to commit suicide INTO my eyeballs which, as a contact wearer is no bueno. I'm not a fan. My husband has these long wispy lashes and my son got a dope combination of both of our lashes which means they basically look like my favorite pair of false lashes. Lucky little dude. 

I'm also the person who does not leave the house without mascara on. Seriously. If I'm somehow out without it, it's because it's zero dark thirty and I don't think anyone will see me. And even then please believe I have a tube in my purse for back up. 
I've seen friends getting lash extensions for the last few years but was super on the fence (and just a tiny bit terrified) until earlier this year. I declared that when I could squeeze it into my schedule and budget I too,was going to have long luscious lashes.
Luckily for me I was introduced to Sara the owner of Natural Lash & Brow in my hometown and she introduced me to eyelash lift.

Have you ever heard of an eyelash lift? I hadn't up until Sara suggested it. And since I have been low-key obsessing about lash extensions, when Sara suggested a lift I was game. 
I am all about anything that makes my mom life easier. Not fooling w/ my eyelashes and applying layer after layer of mascara to make them look decent or fighting w/ lash strips to add length and volume each day? Sign me up. 


So what is a lash lift and why do you want one? (trust me you want one) It's exactly what it says, it's a lift for your lashes. Instead of curling them more, it lifts them to new heights and lengths and takes away the morning eyelash curler  mascara struggle. 
Who doesn't want more volume, lengthier lashes? No one, that's who. 

Immediately after application I could see a difference (well, after I put my glasses on because a sister is blind y'all). but I was super impressed. Admittedly I was nervous about how it was going to turn out but I was already smitten out the box. I couldn't wait to see what they would look like in a few days and after a swipe of mascara. After the treatment I was instructed not to get them wet or wear any makeup for 24 - 48 hrs which was a bit tricky as I had a brunch date the next morning but hey that's what big shades  and lipstick are for right? 

The lift lasts up to 8 weeks which is ideal for a busy mom. No, trying to squeeze in bi-monthly appointments for touch ups and no need to worry about lash glue messing up your natural lashes.

Almost four weeks later I'm still smitten. My morning routine has been cut in half and I barely wear any mascara at all! It took about 12 hours but even my husband noticed the visible difference and was impressed with the length I know have. 


I am absolutely willing to do the lift again and can't wait to see how it looks with extensions added in for even more volume! And can I just tell you how dope Sara is? Her whole vibe is in alignment with mine in that we strive to help women feel their best and find their inner shine. She does hers with lashes and brows, I do mine with clothing. It's like a match made in heaven. 


If you're local to So Cal give Sara at Naturel Lash & Brow a call and let her make your eyelash dreams come true! 


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