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Saturday Chill

I love Saturday's. I don't always know where the day is going to take me so getting dressed is kind of an adventure. Do I need to be kind of sporty or kind of chic? How do I do both and not look like I'm trying too hard?
Remember those fresh kicksI shared the other day? Well I figured if I'm going to really consider purchasing them, I should probably style them right?

I'm obsessed with Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line and am anxiously anticipating her Stunna lip color (red for everyone) due out next week as the Fenty Glow lip gloss is in permanent rotation in my purse. But I love a good red lip so I can't wait to add that to my collection as well. But back to my Saturday look. I like to be comfortable but I also want to be cute. No matter what. And y'all know my love of a graphic tee goes DEEP and that paired with jeans or these fun shiny faux leather leggings, a leather bomber and I've got the perfect 'cool mom' look. This can take me from brunch …

Getting Lifted - Lashes That Is

Why is it that boys have all the luck with eyelashes? My brother, my husband and my son all have covetable eyelashes. Mine are hella curly which is awesome but they don't do much beyond that. And some of them like to commit suicide INTO my eyeballs which, as a contact wearer is no bueno. I'm not a fan. My husband has these long wispy lashes and my son got a dope combination of both of our lashes which means they basically look like my favorite pair of false lashes. Lucky little dude. 

I'm also the person who does not leave the house without mascara on. Seriously. If I'm somehow out without it, it's because it's zero dark thirty and I don't think anyone will see me. And even then please believe I have a tube in my purse for back up. 
I've seen friends getting lash extensions for the last few years but was super on the fence (and just a tiny bit terrified) until earlier this year. I declared that when I could squeeze it into my schedule and budget I too,was…

Rose Gold, Rose Quartz and Rosé

I'm not big on dressing up for the holidays and usually the week leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas has me running around like a chicken with it's head cut off in jeans and sneakers. I like to keep things simple and be comfortable, but I also like to be cute. The weekend of Thanksgiving is when my bestie and I have our annual bottomless mimosa brunch. And I do mean annually
She doesn't live here any more so we don't get to sit around and cackle as often as we like. She's also one of like, five people I would cross several freeways for so when she comes to town; it's going DOWN. We brunch hard and for hours. It's just what we do.
And we all know brunch is just as much about being cute as it is about the mimosas and the food. So for me, an outfit that brings all of that to into play is really what's poppin. 

My homegirl Xenia just launched a new limited edition sweatshirt "Rose Quartz Is My Homegirl" and I legit SCREAMED when I saw it. 


Undercover Sneaker Lover

As my style has evolved over the years there are is something that has remained consistent: I'm kind of obsessed with sneakers.
And I have been for years. If you look at photos from my college years, that's pretty much all that's in our closet and my roommate had an even better collection than I did. We had everything from shell toes to air max's and puma's, we did not discriminate. 
Admittedly there was a time when I didn't want to wear them so much and was 'all heels all the time' because I thought I "needed" to wear them to be taken seriously as wife and mother (snort) but as I've gotten older (and had more kids) I've realized, I'm actually a sneaker head at. I also happen to enjoy heels. But that's not my every day shoe of choice. 
Duality and balance. That's what it's all about.

Currently I'm crushing everything Nike. I'm not 100% brand loyalist as I do love my Adidas shell toes but for the last few years - Nik…

An Open Letter To Saturday School

I picked up my exuberant Kindergartner last Tuesday and was surprised when he handed me an official looking letter from the school. It stated that he had been marked absent at some point in the last 3 months and as part of their 'perfect attendance incentive' being offered to "make up" the absence by attending Saturday school the weekend that kicks off their Thanksgiving break.

Wait, what?

He's in KINDERGARTEN y'all. Why the eff would I send him to Saturday school for four hours? Aside from racking my brain to think if he even missed a day (turns out we skipped a day when he got his new cast) he's already only there for four hours! Why would I send him in on the weekend to "make up" the hours? 
That makes no sense. 
Upon further reading I discovered it was optional but to continue with their push of perfect attendance they were advising we go. You read that right. They want the kids to strive for the "perfect attendance incentive" at the e…

She Likes The Cars With The Boom

I am the first to admit I was once incredibly naive when it came to cars. For years, I had no idea what rpm and horsepower had to do with how my car functioned, let alone that the framing and type of gas could affect the speed durability of my vehicle. It wasn't in my mind to even consider it. I was more interested in the sound system and whether or not the driver's side had a mirror in the driver's side. 

But somewhere along the way, probably after having kids, I began to think more about how my cars operated and what they were made of. As a mother I'm absolutely concerned about safety. Nothing makes me angrier than when someone drives foolishly and I have my kids in the car. 

Recently,I learned that the steel of today is much stronger than the steels used decades ago and three to four times stronger than the rest of the aluminum alloys on the market makes me so happy. That means my car is safer now than it was when I first became a mom 15 years ago. That makes me ridic…

Yes, I Make Myself Breakfast Everyday

When I learned that Baby Ninja was only going to be in school until 12pm I absolutely grumbled. I work from home and am the primary care person for my father which means I have to do a lot of scheduling for appointments for him and I still have work to finish. All by 12pm. I also knew this would cut into my mornings as a creative person. Sometimes my juices don't get flowing until 11am so I've got to get in where I fit in and squeezing errands into that time is sometimes hard for me.

A lot of people say "Amber you have four hours to yourself to run errands and do work why do you complain?" and I respond;"Well, after drop off I come home, make coffee and eat breakfast that only gives me about 3.5 hrs to do what I need to do sans kids. Not including time spent in the car going to and from these excursions."  
"But why do you have to make breakfast? Can't you just pick up something, do something easy like yogurt/ cereal or just skip it?" And yeah, …