Tacos And Sunshine

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I feel like I'm always talking about my love of graphic tees. For me, they are just as good a plain white or black tee and make even more sense as focal points of my ensemble.

When this particular tee arrived in my September Stitch Fix box I may or may not have squealed in excitement. Okay, so I totally squealed. Because OMG, THIS IS SO ME!!
Tacos are a long time love and as a native Californian, tacos & sunshine go hand in hand. As does a margarita but more on that another time. 

Naturally my first inclination was to pair the tee with my favorite distressed denim, some boots (ankle, peep toe, OTK it didn't even matter) and go about my business. But then when I was digging in my closet for pieces for another outfit, I re-discovered my metallic gold pleated skirt I ordered awhile back from ASOS.

Y'all - I have this really bad habit of obsessing about a piece, waiting until it goes on sale, snagging it and then subsequently putting it in my closet for a special moment and forgetting about it. 

News flash Amb: THERE IS NO "SPECIAL" MOMENT. The moment is here, the moment is NOW. Why am I hoarding all these cute pieces? 

So with that in mind, I paired it back to this cute tee. But something was missing. None of the shoes I pulled felt "right" until I found my black patent leather oxfords. Pulling them out of the shoe bin they live in, I was reminded of the randomness of finding them and my good fortune in their price & my gift card hoarding. Bless up. 

After I flat-layed it all out, I was still a little hesitant to try it on as I didn't really know how it would look on me. That can be a struggle with flat lays. Some things look better on the ground and in my head than they do in real life. But, that is also the point of doing them. How will I know how it looks if I don't lay it out first? However, this ensemble had me from jump, I put it on and fell hard for the look. There was something so simple about it all but it still had that wow factor that I love in a 'simple' outfit. 

What are some pieces you have in your closet that you've forgotten about?


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