Easy Fall Work From Home Style

Working from home often goes one of two ways: you either relish the idea that you don't have to "get dressed" on the daily because most times no one sees you or you miss the fact that you don't have a "reason" to get dressed each day. 
I sort of fall into the middle of these two realms. I enjoy picking out clothes each day and am not generally the mom who shows up to drop off in pajamas or something. I DO rock work out or 'atheleisure' gear but that's generally because I am going to work out at some point. 

I have been writing for years about easy outfits for women who work from home so they can easily go from sitting in front of their computer, to the grocery store, pick-up line without having to miss a beat or stress about putting something together. But as my schedule gets tighter each day, I lack the time to get out to the shops as often as I used to and discover new things. Hence why I was down to try out StitchFix.

Because I'm still trying to make Fall happen (it's currently 85 degrees in Southern California) I thought I'd show you how I made my latest Stitch Fix box worked for me and my work at home life. 

Plaid is sort of synonomous with "autumn" as they like to refer to it back east, and I was smitten with this top as soon as I opened the box. Naturally, I gravitated towards pairing it with the distressed denim and the peep toe booties. 

It's one of those perfectly imperfect style looks for running errands and getting work done.  Bad hair day? Toss on a fedora and knock out that to do list. 

Top it off with a red lip for an added punch of color and badassery. Seriously, if you feel like you need a pick me up red lipstick (or any bold lip to be honest) is the way to go.

Most of us who work from home need outfits that not only allow us to feel comfortable but also look good in case we need to actually leave the house or have to get on a Skype call.

Having a few items in your closet that fit your lifestyle and you feel good in can change how you feel about yourself and your personal style. It really is a simple as having one or two staples to get you through each season. 

Over the next few weeks I'll be detailing that more but for now, I have a question for you: What do you wear to feel "put together" on a daily basis?


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