Turn Down For What: How To Sleepover Like A MOM

Listen - mom life is hectic do you hear me? HEC-TIC. Trying to get together with friends is almost impossible thanks to youth sports and traffic. Real talk. Ask any mom where she spends the majority of her time and she'll tell you: picking up and dropping off kids.
And while getting gussied up for a girls night out on the town can be a fabulous time and a great way to cut loose, sometimes you just want to kickback sans bra and be comfortable. You know, Netflix and chill, but with your girlfriends!

What do we (moms) want? Sleep!

When do we want it? Always!

So why not combine both girl time and sleeping? I know when I get to hang with my squad during conferences it feels like a three day sleepover. Late night eats, drinks and laughs. Talking things out or catching up on our favorite shows, it's always a good time. 
I'm a huge fan of  the concept of adult sleepovers and think it's high time the mama's got into the mix. They're not just for millennials y'all! The tricky part is getting the timing right but at the end of the day, you can't please everyone with the schedule and those who can make it will never forget it. 

However, you will need some key ingredients to get the party started and luckily, I've done the dirty of work of figuring out what you need. You're welcome. 

image via Joymode 

  • Place to kick it: I recently discovered Joymode and they have this siick glamping set up that would be the perfect place to have a sleepover and outdoor movie night. If you get too cold you can always move the party indoors.  
  • Food: Keep things simple with pizza for all. Take a poll on toppings and order in to save time. 
  • Popcorn + Candies: Listen, you don't have kids to share with so now is the time to splurge. Get crazy, mix your mini Twix AND Skittles in with the corn. 
  • Libations - Canned wine is ALWAYS a good idea. And makes for easy cleanup too! 

  • PJ's: A fun excuse to scoop up an actual pajama set. You know the kind where the top and bottom match? 
  • Killer Playlist: Because after copious cans of wine, a dance party is inevitable.
  • Instax or photo strip printer to document it all in a safe place. Not EVERYTHING needs to be done for the 'gram.
  • Donuts +Coffee: For the morning after. Because no one is trying to cook breakfast or put on a bra. Bonus points if you use a delivery system like PostMates.

-      Are you down to have an adult sleepover with your girlfriends?


  1. What a cool idea! So many times our schedules as Moms don't allow for a lot of down time with friends, but this would be a great way to spend quality time! Love it!

  2. I'm coming out to cali to make this happen!!!


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