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When Time Is Of The Essence

"I partnered with Valvoline Instant Oil Change for this project, however opinions here are my own."

I admit to being a complete novice when it comes to auto care and maintenance. I know that getting a oil change is a necessity of auto care but it seems like it takes so much effort to schedule an appointment and take the time out of my day. As a busy work from home mom, I don't really have the time to sit in an facility all day waiting for my car. I also don't want to feel like a fool when they ask me questions I don't know the answer too. 

Luckily , Valvoline Instant Oil Change is a full service 15-minute drive thru oil change with no appointment needed! Which is basically ideal for a busy mama like myself. Customers, like me, can stay in their cars during the entire service making necessary car maintenance easy for busy people and moms since, the kids don’t have to get out of the car. I can still work while I get my oil changed! 

This is game changing y'all. 


Grief Is Such Bullsh*t

Grief is such bullshit because you never know when it will sneak up on you. It often comes fast and seemingly out of nowhere. Lurking just below the surface waiting to catch you off guard and it does, fast and hard. Sometimes it's in crying fits, other times its through vivid memories but no matter how it shows up. It's never convenient.

It's been almost a year that my sister in love Mimi lost her battle with breast cancer and it doesn't hurt any less now than it did on that fateful day in November. I admit we've done a pretty good job at "getting on with life" and going about our day to day. But the last few weeks and months have been especially hard. 

She would have celebrated her 47th birthday this past August and her son turned 24 the day after hers. It was bitter sweet for us all. We didn't know what to do. Do we celebrate in her honor or do we mourn our loss and drink away our sorrows? 

My Facebook memories have been especially harsh. They reminded…

Turn Down For What: How To Sleepover Like A MOM

Listen - mom life is hectic do you hear me? HEC-TIC. Trying to get together with friends is almost impossible thanks to youth sports and traffic. Real talk. Ask any mom where she spends the majority of her time and she'll tell you: picking up and dropping off kids.
And while getting gussied up for a girls night out on the town can be a fabulous time and a great way to cut loose, sometimes you just want to kickback sans bra and be comfortable. You know, Netflix and chill, but with your girlfriends!

What do we (moms) want? Sleep!

When do we want it? Always!

So why not combine both girl time and sleeping? I know when I get to hang with my squad during conferences it feels like a three day sleepover. Late night eats, drinks and laughs. Talking things out or catching up on our favorite shows, it's always a good time. 
I'm a huge fan of  the concept of adult sleepovers and think it's high time the mama's got into the mix. They're not just for millennials y'all! The tr…

Mom Life: Back To School Donuts + Rosé

At this point in my mom career / tenure the going back to school routine is somewhat old hat. I'm not super emotional about it, more like "take my child please". But in many ways this year is a bit different in that both kids will be attending "real school" and are now officially on the same calendar schedule. 
This works out well for days off and holidays. But as with all things it's kind of bittersweet. The mom struggle is that you're torn about summer break. You both love and hate it. Love the relaxed schedule, lack of homework late nights and ability to do what we want when we want. However, being a work at home mom during the summer can be a bit......stressful at times. 
For me, there is a lot of putting my work on the back burner and finding ways to keep the kids out of their rooms, off their devices and out of each others hair. Chauffeuring children to and from lessons, play dates. Going on adventures. 
It's a full-time job yo.

Summer break also …