This Summer

This summer has been......... different. 

It’s been both busy and quiet. Things have been slightly off balance since my dad moved in back in May and we’ve been trying to recover and catch our steps ever since. Having a septuagenarian in a house with a toddler(ish) and teenager is a trip let me just tell you. Managing every one's feelings and expectations with real life applications has been quite the roller coaster ride.
A side-effect of my dad's stroke is that he needs to have someone around the majority of the time. He is mobile and ambulatory, so he can do the basics by himself but on occasion he needs a second set of hands to keep him steady. He's had a couple of falls since being home from the rehab hospital, so naturally I was a tad nervous to leave him by himself for long periods. Which is pretty hard to do when you have an active five year old. 

There haven’t been any trips this summer. No overnights or escapes from reality, no conferences or press trips and I’m realizing we desperately need that. Travel is key. No matter if it’s just a few hours drive or a flight away we need to that break from our everyday routine. We've missed that. The last few years we've managed to get away for a few days here and there and it's always been so much fun to stop our everyday routine. Getting out of town with the family is essential to our survival. 
Things started off pretty slow and around week three I wanted to pull my hair out but things slowly picked up and got better. 

The kids have been in classes twice a week the last few weeks so that’s also been a switch. Running back and forth all over town as they each have their 'schedules' to adhere to.
As we ready ourselves for Kindergarten we took the boy out of pre-school (all the praise hands for not having to write that check any more) so he’s been home on the daily. Coming up with activities to keep him occupied while simultaneously finding ways / time to be creative and get my own work done has stretched the levels of my imagination and patience. 

I'm a mixed bag of emotions about school resuming next week. Excitement for the year ahead, relief that they will be otherwise occupied for several hours of the day and a little bit of sadness that summer is over. Something that a lot of my mom friends are also experiencing, that bit of guilt that we didn't do enough, go on enough adventures,create more or even just day trip around town. No amusement parks, not enough trips to the beach or time playing in the pool. Things were just a little off from years past, but I think they still had a good time.

There were field trips to fancy doughnut shops, and time spent with friends, dinosaur books and mornings at the park. We did watch a LOT of movies but, we did it as a family and that's what matters most. 
So, while this summer may have been a little different than those before, it was still kinda fun.
But you bet your sweet cheeks we're going somewhere next year. 

What did y'all do differently this summer?


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