Mail Call: Why I'm On A Mission To Send More

A few months back I found the cutest note cards while out cruising the stores before pickup. It got me excited to send some happy mail to my gal pals and online friends I don't really talk to all the time.
And then it got me thinking about how the way we communicate has changed and even though we share things online and in group chats. Letter writing has gone out the window. It's an outdated art. I kind of miss it though. 
I know going to the post office is drag. Trust me, I am the absolute worst when it comes to mailing stuff. Just ask Sili, I've been sitting on a package of hers since March. Hey August. Terrible. I know my shortcomings. Making it to the post office is one of them.
While it may take a few months for me to make it inside the post office to mail off a package, I absolutely have zero problems dropping a note card in the mail. 

Perhaps it stems from going to summer camp and visiting relatives back east as kid and looking forward to letters from my parents and friends. Add in, going three thousand miles away to college and waiting with baited breath for care packages from my parents as well as letters from my friends and boyfriend, I dig letter writing. I may not be the best at keeping up via phone calls but I'll drop you a few lines like it's nothing. 

I also LOVE getting mail other than bills so I write in hopes that others will write back and my trips to the mailbox are a little more exciting than the arrival of the new IKEA catalog. 

Even when I was younger, I dug stationary. My family has always given me custom stationary so my love is basically ingrained deep within. Even while away at school I still made it a point to write letters on cute note cards (I'm talking Sanrio and early Disney Store classic Winnie The Pooh days) and even had a small side hustle hand making cards my freshman year. 

So, I put it out there I was collecting addresses and began my card writing project. After an initial burst of cards, it's been slow and steady the last few months because life. Also - I want to take my time with my words and not just dash off a quick thought that doesn't mean much. I must admit, I do get quite the rush when I drop a stack of pretty envelopes in the mail and imagine the reactions; sorting through the bills and weekly mailers and seeing a handwritten envelope with their name on it. A smile spreads across their lips at the unexpected arrival and with an extra pep in their step they head in the house. At least that's how I feel when it happens to me.

We'll see how many I get back. But that won't stop me from sending the ones I have and picking up even more.When I see a cute set I can't help but scoop it up and between trips to Target's Dollar Spot, Home Goods and all the cute nonsense that shows up in my social media feeds, I'm covered.

Here are a few of my fave sites for buying sweet note cards and other stationary: 

Oh So Paper Co  
Mae B. Online 

Effies Paper 

Do you like stationary? Where do you buy yours?


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