10 Date Ideas For September That Aren't Dinner & A Movie

With the kids back in school and things getting back into some semblance of a routine I set about my getting my life together by way of organizing my calendar. As I was scheduling out the the month (dental, doctor appointments, days off etc.) I thought we should go ahead and get some date nights on there as well so we can budget and plan ahead a little bit lest we are caught with some "free time" and no ideas on what to do with it.

A few weeks ago my mom randomly offered to baby sit on a Friday night so we happily took her up on that. But we were sort of at a loss as to what to do. We ended up going to one of the outdoor shopping centers and wandering around the shops for a bit before grabbing a drink and a bite to eat at Yard House. Afterwards we stopped by to see some friends and ended up talking well into the late night. While we enjoyed ourselves, I realized we often do the same things for date nights, unless we've got tickets to an event of some kind. 

There is a small part of me that misses the fun of the early days when we did stuff for dates. Not that we don't have fun and have adventures but when was the last time that weekly/ monthly date night was something other dinner,a movie or drinks w/ friends?
So I thought I'd make a fun list of some kick ass dates that can break us out of our standard dinner or a movie rut. I narrowed it down to ten. 

  1. The L.A. County fair - With concerts, food of all kinds, rides, exhibits and an abundance of good people watching it really is the perfect date no matter day or night.
  2. Beer Tasting - I'm admittedly not a beer lover. But my guy likes them so I don't mind taking one for the team and trying out a flight or two. Who knows - I might find something I can tolerate! 
  3. Bowling - Taking it back to the days of dating back in high school and college, a night of friendly competitive bowling can do wonders for a relationship. Loser has to do the dishes for a week. 
  4. Piano Bar - Dueling pianos playing ALL the hits, plus drinks, people watching and snacks? Yes please! We went once two years ago and my cheeks still hurt from laughing.  
  5. Paint & Sip - These are popping up all over and why not take the main squeeze and spend a little time getting creative with a little libation? Everybody in the class gettin' tipsy!
  6. Cooking Class - It may seem "odd" to want to cook on your night off but learning a new recipe together in a group setting isn't' the same as destroying your kitchen trying to make a Pinterest recipe with children underfoot.
  7. Salsa Classes - When was the last time you and your S.O. danced together? And not twerking at a bar or club I mean, legit danced. I've been wanting to take dance classes for forever and I think it would be such a fun way to spend an evening or afternoon!
  8. Indoor Rock Climbing -  On our honeymoon we went zip lining and then rappelled down the side of a mountain. Rock climbing seems like a fun way to get back to that same kind of adrenaline rush. 
  9. Escape Room - These keep popping up in my social feed and in almost every Groupon email! Some friends of ours did it last summer and had a ball so it's definitely going on the list. 
  10. Street Food Cinema - okay so maybe it IS kind of dinner and a movie but not in the traditional sense! Each movie night has aptly themed food and there is a DJ and it's outdoors! That's definitely a switch from  the local theater.
The cool thing is a lot of these things can be done affordably and even last minute! Groupon, Living Social, Facebook, Eventbrite all have great listings of events happening wherever you are! Most of these are local to So Cal but I'm sure can be found in most cities, so check it out and go get your date on! 

So - what are you trying out that's on this list? Do you have a date night routine?


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