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Mail Call: Why I'm On A Mission To Send More

A few months back I found the cutest note cards while out cruising the stores before pickup. It got me excited to send some happy mail to my gal pals and online friends I don't really talk to all the time.
And then it got me thinking about how the way we communicate has changed and even though we share things online and in group chats. Letter writing has gone out the window. It's an outdated art. I kind of miss it though. 
I know going to the post office is drag. Trust me, I am the absolute worst when it comes to mailing stuff. Just ask Sili, I've been sitting on a package of hers since March. Hey August. Terrible. I know my shortcomings. Making it to the post office is one of them.
While it may take a few months for me to make it inside the post office to mail off a package, I absolutely have zero problems dropping a note card in the mail. 

Perhaps it stems from going to summer camp and visiting relatives back east as kid and looking forward to letters from my parents and fri…

Sanity Saving Tips For Shopping With A Teenager

Growing up in the 90's I absolutely dug back to school shopping. I didn't have much personal style except that I would sometimes try to emulate outfits I'd seen in movies but other than that, I just bought what looked cool on the mannequins or a similar version to what I'd seen on friends.  Attending a private high school didn't give me that much in the way of freedom of expression w/ my style the way public schools did. We had a semi-strict dress code and my parents were hella modest so there was a LOT that I knew I couldn't wear.

Now that I have a teenager of my own and dealing with outfitting her for an entire year, things are a little bit different.  I find myself exhibiting similar characteristics of my mother while shopping but I've also caught myself in the act and corrected my behavior. See I don't want my kid to have any type of complex about her body because of my statements about what she chooses to put on it. Nor do I want her to be ashamed o…

This Summer

This summer has been......... different. 

It’s been both busy and quiet. Things have been slightly off balance since my dad moved in back in May and we’ve been trying to recover and catch our steps ever since. Having a septuagenarian in a house with a toddler(ish) and teenager is a trip let me just tell you. Managing every one's feelings and expectations with real life applications has been quite the roller coaster ride.
A side-effect of my dad's stroke is that he needs to have someone around the majority of the time. He is mobile and ambulatory, so he can do the basics by himself but on occasion he needs a second set of hands to keep him steady. He's had a couple of falls since being home from the rehab hospital, so naturally I was a tad nervous to leave him by himself for long periods. Which is pretty hard to do when you have an active five year old. 

There haven’t been any trips this summer. No overnights or escapes from reality, no conferences or press trips and I’m reali…