Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and For Like, Ever

Yesterday we celebrated seven years of marriage. Seven. Years. It seems like both a lifetime and a drop in the bucket compared to some. It also happened to be National Tequila Day. The Universe knows man.  
There was no big to-do or celebration. No presentation of gifts or exchange of cards. Just hugs and kisses and a text asking me to dinner. And to be honest, that was kind of perfect for me. For us. At this time in our lives. 
We didn't need any special trip (although a get away would been nice) we just needed time. Together. Time to sit and talk about our life, past, present and future. Time to laugh and just be. 

This is where we are right now. Seven years later. 
A rare Monday night out that included walking into one restaurant, abruptly leaving and then wandering the streets for awhile before settling on Mexican cuisine. I meant it was National Tequila Day. We would've been doing the date a disservice if we didn't partake in some way!

For seven years we have been celebrating our union and it makes me chuckle more often than not when I think about how we ended up here.
Our story is not normal or classic by any means. There have been many twists, turns and unexpected plummets on this roller coaster ride and yet we are still on it.
Thankful for the deep belly laughs we share daily and grateful we still have them after all these years. 
Marriage has been a wild ride. It's both nothing I expected and everything I've ever wanted. I get to do life with a man whom I love and makes me laugh even when the chips are down.

So no, there weren't fireworks or a fancy dinner, however, there were margaritas, a whole lot of laughing and I was with my man, so it was alright with me. 


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