Summer Hair Styles For Busy Black Moms

I've been pretty open and vocal about my love/hate relationship with my hair. I've been rocking crochet braids and other protective styles for the last two years and it's been fun. But I'll be honest, I miss wearing hats. So that's a struggle. And all those curls and braids can be pretty hot on a girls neck and heavy on her head. 
I  also despise having to "do" my hair when it's 100+ outside. It's actually a waste because by the time I finish my hair and the rest of my morning routine I've damn near sweated it back out so it's kind of pointless. I also haven't mastered wearing MY hair curly yet so that's another learning curve I'm dealing with and again - it's too damn hot for all that! Okay, so maybe I'm being lazy but whatever, protective styles are where it's at during these dry days! Don't trip.

Suffice to say, I've been pondering different braided styles for the rest of the season and possibly into fall. Most notably this braided look via Cosmopolitan

I legit haven't picked up a Cosmo in years but this video came across my timeline and I knew it was real by the grease/gel on the back of the hair stylists hand so I was into it. While the first two looks are fabulous, they don't scream: Amber. But this third one? Yes, ma'am. 
I can SEE myself rocking that style. I don't know how long it would last or how my "baby hairs" would even work out on a style like this but I'm swooning. In my mind I see it as the perfect fusion of chic and still "cool" - if that makes sense. 
Also, it fits my personal brand of suburban gangster the smaller thinner braids combined with the larger ones give I also see how I could put it in a low bun as kind of an "up-do" if I was so inclined.

That one image sent me down a Pinterest rabbit hole and I found a myriad of styles that I'm dying to try. I also figured I couldn't be the only mom on the hunt for a new 'do. 
So,here are five of my favorites. 

1) Can we just discuss the detail on these cornrows? But seriously, LOOK AT THEM. It's been at least 10 years since I've worn any type of cornrows or braids but I'm feelin this style. 

2) Senegalese twists are so pretty to me. Last summer I had the crochet version. Maybe it's time to try the real thing? 

I mean! 

3) More cornrows. Less intricate but still pretty none-the-less. No muss, no fuss. Screams summer but how would it look in a bun?

 4) Keri Hilson's box braids are giving me so much life. I'm just afraid they're going to be too heavy! 

5) This goddess braid updo tho! I love the simple complexity of the style while leaving hair off the neck to keep cool. I'm into it. 

The beauty of all of these styles is that the upkeep is minimal and kind of perfect for an active remainder of the summer. I want to hit the beach, pool, local and amusement parks with ease and not have to worry about my hair in any way. 

Let me go holler at my girl Vee and see what kind of magic she can work.

Do y'all switch up your look for summer? How so?

*all images can be found via my Pinterest 


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