7 Signs It's Summer (at My House)

I am one of those weird people who really enjoy summer. I love the implied laziness of it all The slower pace and lack of super tight schedules. I like having my days feel like they are stretching on as the light lingers later each evening and the doors stay open longer. The last few months /weeks of school are a drag for everyone as the kids are itching to wrap things up so they can relax and parents want nothing more than to do the same. No more last minute projects to get done, nothing but lazy days and long nights.
In theory of course. In reality, there are flip-flops, LEGO's and abandoned projects everywhere. Those are the beginning symbols it's definitely summer in my house but there are a few more signs summer is in full swing.

1) We go on "outdoor adventures". 
Suddenly my kids have ideas that we need to be going places/ doing something AMAZING each and every day or at least once or twice a week while they're off from school. I don't know who filled their minds with such flights of fancy but mama and daddy still have to work. Sure my schedule can be a little flexible and mayyyybe we'll go on an overnighter but nobody is ballin like that to have ADVENTURES on the daily. Nor am I that organized as a mom. That's just not my portion.

2) My Costco runs are never ending. Seriously. During the school year I go to Costco once a month. Maybe. School will have been out for 4 weeks and I've already been four times. FOUR. TIMES. Paper towels, toilet paper, snacks, easy items for breakfast lunch and dinner plus ALL the popsicles. And don't get me started on how often I see the staff in Trader Joe's even more now. I wasn't sure it was possible but during the summer it grows to an absurd level. 

3)The LEGO's have taken over. They're already a constant in the house but come summer it seems like they explode into every corner. There are buildings and bundles of bricks on tables, behind chairs and on shelves. The last few weeks there has been a 'hideout' in the middle of dining table. Because they are such a hit in our house we tend to allow the kids to go wild with their building. And because summer. Get creative kids. 

4)I don't see my teenager for hours. 

might not see her the whole day. She basically turns into a hermit and has to be forced from her room under the threat of wi-fi access elimination. Or if she needs food. Forget about any form of grooming or presentation of appearance. If she has no plans to leave the house she's not trying to do anything beyond brush her teeth. If that. 

5) Projects & puzzles are also now a thing. 
I find myself at the Dollar Tree or in the dollar aisle scouring the racks to see what I can find that will occupy one or both of them so I can squeeze in a few minutes to answer emails and edit articles. Paint by numbers, play-doh, rubber lizards and whatever else it takes to keep the wildings at bay while I tap away at the keyboard or set up a photo shoot. I also realized the puzzles are a good way to keep the teenager downstairs so score one for my team. 

6) Bed and nap times are lax. During the school year I am a stickler for bedtimes. I don't care what we're doing or who's in town, somewhere in the back of my mind I'm like this little dude needs to lay it down. I also don't play when it comes to nap time. But come summer? Psshhh....if the nap is too late then bedtime will NEVER happen so occasionally, naps are missed. Life goes on,bedtime still happens and Baby Ninja sleeps like a dream. It's all good.

7) I start contemplating a lock for the pantry. It's absurd the amount of snacks these kids mow through. And if I happen to have any extra kids forget it! I can feed them a full lunch and 20 minutes later they'll be asking me for a snack and fifteen minutes after that they'll want dinner. The number of times I shoo someone out of the pantry while I'm cooking dinner doubles during these warm weeks. Why are they so hungry all the time?

Oh and dinner? It still has to happen. So I'm usually standing in front of the fridge/freezer trying to make sense of it all while yelling at child to get off the back of the sofa.

Summer is awesome.

What are some tell-tale signs summer is happening at your house?


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