5 Reasons You Need A Nude Lipstick

You might've seen on my Insta Stories or in my feed that I recently discovered Mented cosmetics and their line of nude lipsticks. I had heard about them before but suddenly they were back on my radar and it was like it was meant to be! 

So here's the thing: people will argue all the time about WHY is there even a reason for nude lipstick? Particularly for women of color. Can't you just put on vaseline and call it a day? Looking at you Luvvie. The answers to those questions is simply because and no, Vaseline is not the same thing.

This is because most lipsticks that claim to be "nude" or "warm" and work for WOC are not made by actual women of color. I know,crazy right? They have us out here looking like Ashy Larry, but yet (and even slightly more disturbing) we still try them out and hope that this one will be the one that gives us that flossy, glossy natural glow we haven't seen since 1997 and our obsession with MAC's lipglass (original of course). More often than not, we're seriously disappointed.

Mented to the rescue! When I opened the box I did a little hand clap of excitement. Vegan lip products made by black women for all women of color? It was hard not to be excited. They are all beautiful let me just tell you. My brain is going crazy with all the fun looks I want to create with these hues. So why on earth would a WOC want a "nude" lip stick? Well, I can give you five simple reasons a nude or neutral lip color is necessary for all.

1)  Lips can become discolored over time and sometimes you want a lil somethin' to even things out. All the while appearing as if you don't even have any thing on. It's called natural makeup folks. It's a thing.
2) Sometimes you just want an extra pop of color that's not actually color. Mented has a range of shades that compliment so many skin tones from a soft subtle brownish pink to a deeper dark espresso.

3) It's the perfect compliment to a smoky eye. There's nothing worse than having fabulous sultry eye makeup but no lipstick that exactly works with it.

4) No smudging issues. Let's talk about how liberating it is to eat without your lipstick wearing off on your food or your face! The barely there look is so effective you'll forget you're even wearing anything!

5) Red doesn't always work. I knooooow. I love a red lip. Really, I do, y'all know it's true. However, there are times when you just want to keep it simple and that's when a neutral lip color comes in handy. Kanye shrug. I said it. 

*Bonus - these Mented lipsticks are moisturizing as all get out. When I put on lipstick one of my pet peeves is how it drys my lips out or how if I apply lip balm it tends to run.

Check back next week for a natural look tutorial! 
Are you into the nudes? Tell me which is your favorite? 


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