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Summer Hair Styles For Busy Black Moms

I've been pretty open and vocal about my love/hate relationship with my hair. I've been rocking crochet braids and other protective styles for the last two years and it's been fun. But I'll be honest, I miss wearing hats. So that's a struggle. And all those curls and braids can be pretty hot on a girls neck and heavy on her head.  I  also despise having to "do" my hair when it's 100+ outside. It's actually a waste because by the time I finish my hair and the rest of my morning routine I've damn near sweated it back out so it's kind of pointless. I also haven't mastered wearing MY hair curly yet so that's another learning curve I'm dealing with and again - it's too damn hot for all that! Okay, so maybe I'm being lazy but whatever, protective styles are where it's at during these dry days! Don't trip. Suffice to say, I've been pondering different braided styles for the rest of the season and possibly into f

7 Signs It's Summer (at My House)

I am one of those weird people who really enjoy summer. I love the implied laziness of it all The slower pace and lack of super tight schedules. I like having my days feel like they are stretching on as the light lingers later each evening and the doors stay open longer. The last few months /weeks of school are a drag for everyone as the kids are itching to wrap things up so they can relax and parents want nothing more than to do the same. No more last minute projects to get done, nothing but lazy days and long nights. In theory of course.  In reality,  there are flip-flops, LEGO's and abandoned projects everywhere. Those are the beginning symbols  it's definitely summer in my house but there are a few more signs summer is in full swing. 1) We go on "outdoor adventures".   Suddenly my kids have ideas that we need to be going places/ doing something AMAZING each and every day or at least once or twice a week while they're off from school. I don

5 Reasons You Need A Nude Lipstick

You might've seen on my Insta Stories or in my feed that I recently discovered  Mented  cosmetics and their line of nude lipsticks. I had heard about them before but suddenly they were back on my radar and it was like it was meant to be!  So here's the thing: people will argue all the time about WHY is there even a reason for nude lipstick? Particularly for women of color. Can't you just put on vaseline and call it a day? Looking at you Luvvie .  The answers to those questions is simply because and no , Vaseline is not the same thing. This is because most lipsticks that claim to be "nude" or "warm" and work for WOC are not made by actual women of color. I know,crazy right? They have us out here looking like Ashy Larry, b ut yet (and even slightly more disturbing) we still try them out and hope that this one will be the one that gives us that flossy, glossy natural glow we haven't seen since 1997 and our obsession with MAC's lipglass