Sunny Daze Ahead

Shopping my closet has turned out to be more fun that I thought. Especially as I'm finding items with the tags still on them. 
I know - some of y'all are like "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW YOU HAVE STUFF?" and I understand the confusion, but I tend to hoard things until 'just the right time' and then the window / season I envisioned wearing it in passes and I still have not worn said item.

That is for sure the case with this lovely dress. I found it on a whim at Forever 21 while looking for something for my daughter. Saw it on the rack, decided to try it on and I kind of fell in love with the color against my skin tone.

It was soft and flowy and giving me "they call me mellow yellow, Amber is the color of your energy" vibes. This was all before Beyonce came out with Lemonade and everyone and their mama was on the hunt for yellow dresses. The best part- the dress was a steal at approximately $20. In my mind it was going to be a great dress for summer. Date nights, long lunches with my friends. I had plans y'all. 
But then I got lazy and didn't want to "waste" it on a do nothing day so I held on to it. Tags and all. 
I even went so far as to take it with us to Palm Springs last summer for our anniversary get-away and it STILL didn't get worn. I lived in my bathing suit and the rompers I brought.  There was also the issue of what bra to wear with it. See the back is completely out and no one has time or the desire to rock one of those wrap-around contraptions in the hot sweaty summer. So, I just let it sit. 

So while rifling through my closet looking for ensembles to pair my pom pom sandals with, I found it again. Tucked in between one of my other favorite summer go-to's again, with the tags still on.

At that point I was determined to find a reason to wear it and after shooting a few flat lays, it renewed my urge to wear more of what I already had versus coveting that which I did not.

I blame Instagram for a lot of that. There's something about seeing some cute new top, shoes, sunglasses, something that makes you want to run out and grab it. Particularly if it's well styled. So while I do pretty well resisting the urge to purchase, when I do buy, it sometimes takes me forever to wear it out. 

But those days are over. No more letting awesome pieces go to waste just sitting in my closet for season after season, waiting for that ever elusive perfect occasion. Nope - from now on, I wear what I got with wild abandon. No matter what.

How long does it take you to wear something new?


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