Pass The Tissue Please - Allergy Season is HERE

* I was compensated by the CHPA's Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, but all opinions are my own.

The abundance of tissue strewn about the house is a clear sign that allergy season is in full affect. Did y'all know that allergies are the third most common chronic disease among kids 18 and under? I didn't either but it seems legit. Both of my kids suffer from allergy type symptoms thanks to my awesome genes. 

Earlier this Spring most of Southern California was raving about the super bloom and sharing photos waxing poetic about wanting to get out into nature and go see it in person. Not me. All I saw was a field full of allergens and I immediately checked my pockets and purse for tissue. It's a lifestyle y'all. 

Having allergies means I sometimes miss out on a lot. Like field trips to the strawberry farm with my preschooler because while picking mounds of strawberries with a ton of 5 year-olds is tempting. I like being able to breathe clearly better so I just stay away. My poor kids. But hey, I like to breathe and give my nose a break so I'm doing what's best for all of us really. 

Did you know that Hay fever is the most common allergy in Americans? It represents the allergic reaction to pollen's in the air and environment. Most of us who suffer from seasonal allergies experience symptoms during certain times of the year when specific triggers circulate - think grass (looking at you gardener who makes me sneeze) or tree pollen. On the flip side, some parents and kids can have allergies to more than one pollen or trigger thus experiencing symptoms at various times throughout the year. Lucky us. Also, allergies do tend to run in families. If one parent has allergies, there’s a 25% chance a child will too! Just ask my kids! 
Shout out to Seattle Mama Doc for those fun tidbits of information, you can find more here.

Below I've got a few fun KnowYourOTCs tips on how to handle allergy season if you or your children suffer like we do. And no the answer is not- buy more tissue. If I did that my nose would fall off.
  • Some OTC oral allergy meds are available in different dosage strengths. Be sure to read the drug facts label carefully for appropriate child dosing information and contact a healthcare provider as directed. 
  • Some oral allergy meds may cause excitability or nervousness, especially in children and if you have any questions you should contact your child's healthcare provider.
  • Never use any allergy medicine to sedate or make a child sleepy.

Listen, nobody loathes allergy season more than I. For real, I spend most of the early parts of Spring with my nose dripping like a faucet and wanting to peel my face off. And when my kids begin to suffer then I hate it even more, however, I feel a little bit better knowing a few causes and that there is a way to help my kids and myself ease our way through the season. Without buying a ton of tissue. 


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