Getting My Fashion Fix

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I make no bones about the fact that I enjoy shopping. It is truly my form of therapy. I don't always buy what I see/ try on but there is something magical (for me) about the whole shopping experience. And when I am on the hunt for something I get a particular type of rush. The thrill of finding something I love and scouring the stores for my size and at just the right price makes me squeal with delight. I get a rush for sure.

 Enter Stitch Fix. Like most, I'd heard about the company but never really saw a "need" for myself. I enjoy shopping so why would I have someone pick stuff out for me? Buuuuut. I also have kids that are growing steadily and have activities and such so I'm not able to get out browse as much as I used to. Nor do I have the funds.

I've found that with my fixes I get the same rush as I do when I'm shopping on my own, except this time - I have the pieces in my house and can create outfits around the new items with stuff I already have on hand.
It's wicked fun y'all. 
My most recent box had all kinds of fabulous prints and bright pieces that included a maxi dress, laser cut scallop hem shorts and several tanks. I was unsure of them at first but after looking at the style card, I played around with some things I already had in my closet and the looks started to come together. 
The versatility of these shorts are making my heart do flips of some kind. Paired back to sneakers or sandals with a simple grey tank and a denim jacket I can go from errands to an afternoon date with my man or my girlfriends.

But wait there's more!  One of the tops was so bright and fun I couldn't resist pairing it with my favorite sandals and a simple fedora that screams summer. Perfect for an outdoor concert or even a day at the amusement park. Talk about mommy chic.

I also know that this top would look fabulous with faux leather leggings and stillettos for a night out on the town. Y'all know I'm all about that versatile style and this fits the bill to a T. 

Admittedly, the striped swing tank was a bit tricky for me upon seeing it. The colors are outside of what I'm normally drawn to and it just seemed so 'not me' but then I paired it back to my favorite boyfriend jeans and some perforated peep toe block heels and a cute clutch and bam - ensemble awesomeness.

StitchFix has made me re-think a lot of how I've been styling my clothes. I'm a simple girl even though I love the glam. My day to day existence isn't one that generally calls for next level fashion. But when it does - I know I can count on this service to help me get my fashion fix. Both literally and figuratively. 
That doesn't mean I'll stop shopping because duh. Shopping is my cardio, but that does mean it won't be so pressing to find just one item for an event or special occasion. I can simply place my order for my fix and let my stylist work her magic.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What are you waiting for? Sign up for your first fix here. And then come back and let me know what you think! 


  1. Nice! It looks like you received some great looks for spring/summer!


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