Getting More Out Of My Morning

I am a firm proponent of the meme "first I drink the coffee, then I do the things". 
I've said it before but I am not a morning person. Sure, once I'm up, I'm all the way up. But that doesn't mean I like it. After almost seven years of marriage my husband, bless his heart, is still trying to get me to chat and answer questions first thing in the morning. The most he gets is a head nod and a request to talk later. Chatting it up right after falling out of bed is just not my thing. 

Last year I attempted to become an early riser and I was doing pretty well until everything went pear shaped and sleep began to be more and more elusive, but when it came, it hit hard and fast. So I caved and begin to hit that snooze button again. In recent weeks I've been trying to get better about it but it's still a struggle when the sandman won't let me out of his grip. 
I also noticed how much time I was spending on social media in the morning. My phone rests on my nightstand each night and is the first thing I grab as I roll out of bed and it's been killing me time wise. 
I need to do better. I want to do better. 
It's a bit of a struggle as this is a huge part of my career but I don't want to be completely overcome by it. So, I'm making small steps. The last few weeks I've been doing  better by starting my day with a nice hot cup of green tea and a little quiet meditation before I hop in the shower and begin the frantic pace of getting Baby Ninja off to school.

When I return home I might do a quick session on IG stories finding out what everyone is getting into and sharing my unbalanced breakfasts but then I plug my phone into the charger and walk away. Yes, you read that right; I walk AWAY. Crazy, I know. 

I sit down either at my desk or the dining table, pull out my planner and get to organizing my day while I sip my coffee.
It sort of grounds me and keeps me from getting too distracted or feeling like the morning has slipped by and I haven't "done" a single thing. I hate feeling like that. 
But there is something about jotting things down in my Organizada planner and getting a handle on my lists that soothes my soul and frantic mind. I only recently added this partner into my routine and it has been a serious game changer for me. The long list/ short list concept has taken me from being overwhelmed by my to-do list to taking it one task at a time.  I love checking things off and then looking back over the week to see all that I've accomplished. Tell me it doesn't feel great to cross things off and kick some ass? I also love how it helps me stay organized and on task each day. I have a tendency to get distracted so this systems keeps me accountable and on task. I was already going to order one so I was hella jazzed when we got these as gifts at We All Grow Summit.  It's cute, it's fun and it helps me get stuff done. What's not to love?

How do y'all stay organized and tackle your lists? 


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