Getting Flirty With Skirtsy

*I received a complimentary SkirtsyBox in exchange for my review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Bold bright and fun is pretty much how I describe my personal style in the summer. As much as I love black, white, grey and denim, it's far too hot for all that and I adore rocking more statement pieces during the warmer months. 
So when I had the opportunity to try out the new Skirtsy Box I jumped at it. 
I went to the website and filled out a short style profile and let them know my color and length preferences clicked on the image that looked similar to what I was requesting and then it was time to play the waiting game while it was made and then shipped out.

I was excited to open my door and see the bright box on my doorstep. I love getting happy mail and when it comes in a pretty package it's all the more exciting to come home to. 
Also can we talk about how we all shop w/ our eyes  and are ultimately drawn to pretty boxes?
I pretty much didn't even want to open it. But alas I did and was delighted to find the unexpected treats like a fun bath bomb, some "purse candy", a sticker/pin combo and coordinating choker and earrings to compliment the skirt! Extra win for my team!! 

While I knew I was going to get a midi skirt, per my request, I had no idea if the pattern or color family was going to work for me. Admittedly I was surprised by the orange and shades of blues but once I put it on it was a whole new thing. I've never owned anything like this and now I'm smitten. 

So let's talk about the skirt shall we? For starters it has pockets. Yes, y'all, quality pockets that allowed me to put actual things inside and not worry about them falling out. Truthfully, I had no idea how /if the outfit was going to even come together. I pretty much thought, I'd throw a black tank or tee on and some sandals and call it a day right? But nope, this skirt calls for a tad more drama. But still simple and chic. As I was standing in my closet trying to put it together in my head, I spied my new navy clutch and then all the bells went off as the outfit totally came together.  I did a quick flatlay to make sure it didn't just look good in my mind and then threw it on to double check.

When I showed my husband he whistled in appreciation, which is saying a lot for him and I totally blushed. Flirty wife badge unlocked!

This was my first single item subscription box and I was happy with my overall experience. I was a little surprised at the fit, I may or may not have gained a few pounds since I place my initial request so I'd suggest maybe sizing up if you're unsure. The skirt fits fabulously but it's definitely snug. But on the flip side, it does give me much more of a figure than my usual straight up and down shape.

My friends keep asking me when and where they can get one for themselves and as always, I'm happy to give that information up. Check out TheSkirtsyBox and see for yourself what all the fuss is about! 


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