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Celebrating Summer With Macys

“This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own."

Food is one of my love languages. I use it to show and feel love and as much of a "picky eater" as I am, I still like to try new foods and styles of cooking. Naturally, when I found out Macy's was bringing their Culinary Council to Del Amo Fashion Center the day after my birthday it felt a bit like a present to me! 

I love the culinary council events that Macy's puts together they make me feel so fancy and cultured. A chance to meet world renowned chefs and try some of their favorite dishes while they talk about their careers is like a dream come true for someone like me. I watch cooking shows pretty religiously and it always inspires me to see the same techniques shown on television in real life. 

On June 10th at 3pm , Chef Tim Hollingsworth will be on hand at the Macy's Del Amo Fashion Center to share some of his favorite cooking techniq…

Getting Flirty With Skirtsy

*I received a complimentary SkirtsyBox in exchange for my review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Bold bright and fun is pretty much how I describe my personal style in the summer. As much as I love black, white, grey and denim, it's far too hot for all that and I adore rocking more statement pieces during the warmer months. 
So when I had the opportunity to try out the new Skirtsy Box I jumped at it. 
I went to the website and filled out a short style profile and let them know my color and length preferences clicked on the image that looked similar to what I was requesting and then it was time to play the waiting game while it was made and then shipped out.

I was excited to open my door and see the bright box on my doorstep. I love getting happy mail and when it comes in a pretty package it's all the more exciting to come home to.  Also can we talk about how we all shop w/ our eyes  and are ultimately drawn to pretty boxes? I pretty much didn't even want to open it. Bu…

Getting More Out Of My Morning

I am a firm proponent of the meme "first I drink the coffee, then I do the things". 
I've said it before but I am not a morning person. Sure, once I'm up, I'm all the way up. But that doesn't mean I like it. After almost seven years of marriage my husband, bless his heart, is still trying to get me to chat and answer questions first thing in the morning. The most he gets is a head nod and a request to talk later. Chatting it up right after falling out of bed is just not my thing. 

Last year I attempted to become an early riser and I was doing pretty well until everything went pear shaped and sleep began to be more and more elusive, but when it came, it hit hard and fast. So I caved and begin to hit that snooze button again. In recent weeks I've been trying to get better about it but it's still a struggle when the sandman won't let me out of his grip. 
I also noticed how much time I was spending on social media in the morning. My phone rests on my nig…

Sunny Daze Ahead

Shopping my closet has turned out to be more fun that I thought. Especially as I'm finding items with the tags still on them.  I know - some of y'all are like "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW YOU HAVE STUFF?" and I understand the confusion, but I tend to hoard things until 'just the right time' and then the window / season I envisioned wearing it in passes and I still have not worn said item.

That is for sure the case with this lovely dress. I found it on a whim at Forever 21 while looking for something for my daughter. Saw it on the rack, decided to try it on and I kind of fell in love with the color against my skin tone.

It was soft and flowy and giving me "they call me mellow yellow, Amber is the color of your energy" vibes. This was all before Beyonce came out with Lemonade and everyone and their mama was on the hunt for yellow dresses. The best part- the dress was a steal at approximately $20. In my mind it was going to be a great dress for summer. Date night…

Pass The Tissue Please - Allergy Season is HERE

* I was compensated by the CHPA's Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, but all opinions are my own.

The abundance of tissue strewn about the house is a clear sign that allergy season is in full affect. Did y'all know that allergies are the third most common chronic disease among kids 18 and under? I didn't either but it seems legit. Both of my kids suffer from allergy type symptoms thanks to my awesome genes. 

Earlier this Spring most of Southern California was raving about the super bloom and sharing photos waxing poetic about wanting to get out into nature and go see it in person. Not me. All I saw was a field full of allergens and I immediately checked my pockets and purse for tissue. It's a lifestyle y'all. 

Having allergies means I sometimes miss out on a lot. Like field trips to the strawberry farm with my preschooler because while picking mounds of strawberries with a ton of 5 year-olds is tempting. I like being able to breathe clearly better so I just stay aw…

Getting My Fashion Fix

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I make no bones about the fact that I enjoy shopping. It is truly my form of therapy. I don't always buy what I see/ try on but there is something magical (for me) about the whole shopping experience. And when I am on the hunt for something I get a particular type of rush. The thrill of finding something I love and scouring the stores for my size and at just the right price makes me squeal with delight. I get a rush for sure.

Enter Stitch Fix. Like most, I'd heard about the company but never really saw a "need" for myself. I enjoy shopping so why would I have someone pick stuff out for me? Buuuuut. I also have kids that are growing steadily and have activities and such so I'm not able to get out browse as much as I used to. Nor do I have the funds.

I've found that with my fixes I get the same rush as I do when I'm shopping on my own, except this time - I have the pieces in m…

Margaritas Made Me Do It: Celebrating the Season With Fleming's

Disclosure: Thanks to The Network Niche, today's post is sponsored by Fleming's Steak House & Wine Bar

I make no bones about my love of cocktails. I mean, hello - check the blog name y'all. My margarita love runs deep so naturally, when I was offered the chance to go check out the latest offering from Fleming's Steakhouse, a $100 Margarita, I jumped at the chance. Because margarita's are always a good idea. 

First - I know what you're thinking, one hundred dollars????? What makes this drink so special? Well, I'll tell you, it all starts with premium liquor, including Tequila Herradura Selección Suprema, Grand Marnier Centenaire and topped with a gold sugar salt rim, it's served in Baccarat’s uniquely designed Diamant Highball, that restaurant guests are invited to take home the glass in Baccarat’s iconic red box. 

See? I told y'all it was fancy. Let's not talk about my secret fear of dropping that Baccarat glass mmkay? For now, let's concen…