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I am a self-described product junkie. I full admit it. I am a sucker for awesome packaging, pretty bottles and labels make me swoon and a quality product will have me shouting from the hillside. True story.

So last year when I discovered Neutrogena's Hydro-Boost line while attending We All Grow I was instantly intrigued. I am sort of obsessed with facial creams and have been searching for just the perfect one since an old favorite was discontinued back in the early 00's. Seriously. I have been on a mission. It also has to be affordable because with two growing kids, my beauty budget is almost nil. Oh and don't forget one of those kids is now a teenager with her own beauty wish list. More on that later.

The makeup artist did a FULL  face beat on me using all Neutrogena products and I was kind of in love. They were gracious enough to give me an extra jar and I hoarded it for as long as I could. Right before this year's conference I ran out of said cream, but I was happy to hear they were back as a title sponsor. Naturally I made it a point to visit the suite and see what new and exciting things they had up their sleeve this year. I was not disappointed y'all. 
Aside from the champagne bar on the patio (all praises be to Manuel, as he was doing the Lord's work with those pours) the artists and dermatologist on site were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.  They recommended a regimen for me for day and evening and then sent me over to the makeup artist to get 
I scored not only the Hydro-Boost gel cream but the cleanser, gel with SPF and a eye cream to boot. They also hooked me up with some fabulous foundation that makes my skin look photoshopped at all times. I kind of love it.

As I've gotten older, I realize less is more when it comes to my makeup and I also want products that do double duty. 

I want the moisturizing foundation that doesn't dry out my skin and the softer blushes and bronzers. I actually look younger now than I did probably ten years ago thanks to taking better care of my skin, drinking a ton of water and focusing on the types of products I use and how they affect me. 

I admit, I can be a product snob and was sort of skeptical about Neutrogena for awhile but as I've gotten to use it more and more over the past year, I've realized that I was dead wrong and am loving the overall results I've experienced. I mean who doesn't want flawless looking skin? 

What's your current beauty obsession? Do you have a brand/ product you swear by?
Tell me in the comments! 


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