Friday, April 28, 2017

Fresh Faced & Fabulous

I am a self-described product junkie. I full admit it. I am a sucker for awesome packaging, pretty bottles and labels make me swoon and a quality product will have me shouting from the hillside. True story.

So last year when I discovered Neutrogena's Hydro-Boost line while attending We All Grow I was instantly intrigued. I am sort of obsessed with facial creams and have been searching for just the perfect one since an old favorite was discontinued back in the early 00's. Seriously. I have been on a mission. It also has to be affordable because with two growing kids, my beauty budget is almost nil. Oh and don't forget one of those kids is now a teenager with her own beauty wish list. More on that later.

The makeup artist did a FULL  face beat on me using all Neutrogena products and I was kind of in love. They were gracious enough to give me an extra jar and I hoarded it for as long as I could. Right before this year's conference I ran out of said cream, but I was happy to hear they were back as a title sponsor. Naturally I made it a point to visit the suite and see what new and exciting things they had up their sleeve this year. I was not disappointed y'all. 
Aside from the champagne bar on the patio (all praises be to Manuel, as he was doing the Lord's work with those pours) the artists and dermatologist on site were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.  They recommended a regimen for me for day and evening and then sent me over to the makeup artist to get 
I scored not only the Hydro-Boost gel cream but the cleanser, gel with SPF and a eye cream to boot. They also hooked me up with some fabulous foundation that makes my skin look photoshopped at all times. I kind of love it.

As I've gotten older, I realize less is more when it comes to my makeup and I also want products that do double duty. 

I want the moisturizing foundation that doesn't dry out my skin and the softer blushes and bronzers. I actually look younger now than I did probably ten years ago thanks to taking better care of my skin, drinking a ton of water and focusing on the types of products I use and how they affect me. 

I admit, I can be a product snob and was sort of skeptical about Neutrogena for awhile but as I've gotten to use it more and more over the past year, I've realized that I was dead wrong and am loving the overall results I've experienced. I mean who doesn't want flawless looking skin? 

What's your current beauty obsession? Do you have a brand/ product you swear by?
Tell me in the comments! 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Living That Seventies Life

I always joke that I was born in the best year. 1979.  I got the best of of both worlds - all the crazy sexy cool of the 70's and all the fun and eccentricity of the 80's. It really was a great a time to be alive and I've always had a thing for the fashion of those times. In particular one of my style "icons" was Mrs. Roper from 



Y'all remember her from Three's Company?  She was the QUEEN Of the mumu / caftan and ridiculously over-sized baubles. She basically personified my entire lady of leisure dreams.  She still does to be honest. 

So a few weeks back I was minding my business when a few dresses caught my eye and I just KNEW they would be perfect for brunch or something summery. They screamed ' glam day drinking". Wrap front with kind of slit and just California casual cool right? But a few were also over my $50 budget and I was low-key waiting for them to go on sale. 
Then while cruising H&M 's site later that day I found this glam number and knew I had to make it mine. 

I went to a few stores to see if they had it in my size but alas, it was on sale so it was only available on the website. I threw caution to the wind and placed my order hoping it would it fit. Naturally I stalked my mailbox waiting for it to arrive and when it did I couldn't wait to try it on. 
I am head over heels in love y'all. It's everything I dreamed it would be and then some. 

If we're talking #summergoals - this is it y'all. Easy breezy style with a little bit of glam thrown in by way of golden threading weaved into the fabric. I mean! 
And the pom pom sandals were just a fun addition to my wardrobe. It's like a party on my feet!! Who doesn't love that?

One of my favorite things about this dress....mumu....caftan....whatever - is that I can wear it with or without the shift underneath. I simply cut the little loops it was attached to for added versatility and voila! It's suddenly a cover-up as well! It makes me feel hella stylish without even trying and I am 100% here for that. 

I may need to hem it a smidge as I am only so tall and I don't want anyone to step on (by anyone I mean me) I could totally see myself falling because a] I am clumsy as all get out and b} it's on the longer side, but the way it flows when I walk? Yes, ma'am!!

What have you bought recently that's got you excited for summer?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Unforgettable Movie - A Conversation and Review

Earlier this month I got an invite to a press junket and movie screening for a new film starring Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigel . The email included a link to the trailer and as soon as I viewed I was SOLD. 

I love a good thriller and the fact that it was low-key about "mom life" I was even more intrigued to see how it all played out. 

Quick synopsis - After the dissolution of her marriage, Tessa Connover soon learns that her ex-husband David has taken up with a new woman Julia. Not only has Julia moved into the home they once shared, but she's also now a part of their daughter Lily's life. Julia believes she has finally met the man of her dreams who can help her put her own troubled past behind her. But it's not long before Tessa's jealousy takes a pathological turn until she's willing to stop at nothing to turn Julia's dream life into the ultimate nightmare reality. 

The Friday screening couldn't come around fast enough as far as I was concerned. I met up with a few other influencers for a quick bite and cocktails and we headed to the theater, giggling our excitement and spilling popcorn. And then it started.....OMG y'all. This movie is. insane
And I mean that in the best possible way. We yelled at the screen and shrieked in all the right places. We were basically "those people" in the theater. And we totally didn't care. 
We left the theater breathless, full of questions and excited for the next day's round table with the stars of the film.
Spending the day at a swanky hotel in Beverly Hills is not a terrible start to the weekend and to be rubbing elbows with such fabulous women made it all the more special.

We ended up sitting down for a round-table discussion with Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigel, and director Denise Di Novi.  I had no idea it would be so intimate and the ladies would be so open to all of our questions.  Truth be told, it was more of a conversation than an interview. We really did feel as though we were chatting with long time friends over coffee while discussing a film we all enjoyed. There is something that happens when a group of women get together and converse openly about the range of emotions and obstacles we face as wives and mothers. 
Denise, Rosario and Katherine were so open about discussing the characters, their developments and the many aspects of themes that are portrayed throughout the movie. We discovered they shot the movie in approximately 30 days (unheard of in Hollywood) and because the cast and crew were comprised of mainly women it added a completely different dynamic to the shooting process. 
I absolutely loved seeing these women portray such strong characters that resonated so deeply with ME for so many reasons. No matter if you're team Tessa or Team Julia, you will no doubt find things you can relate to within each of these women. They are, in a sense, all of us. Or someone we know or will meet in this lifetime. 

The girl power was running rampant and when Geoff Stults (David)  popped his head in, even he was overwhelmed by all the female energy that was vibrating off the walls. We were definitely a force of fabulousness and that he recognized that says something. 

After our chat with the ladies and then a lovely conversation with former Charlie's Angel, Cheryl Ladd (talk about a class act), who plays Tessa's mother in the movie, we were bubbling over with excitement. Apparently our enthusiasm was contagious as we were then asked to head downstairs for a bit of extra filming. The results were AWESOME. I am still floored that they allowed me to have my rose in hand for the whole process. 

Unforgettable is out in theaters TODAY so do yourself a favor- grab some girlfriends, go get dinner and have some cocktails and treat yourselves to a thrilling night at the movies.
I guarantee you will want to throw your popcorn at the screen as you holler at these characters as you find yourself emotionally invested in the outcome. 

Thank you Warner Bros for an Unforgettable experience!! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Cleaning: It's NOT Just About The Closets

* I was compensated by the CHPA's Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, but all opinions are my own. 

So, I'm totally down with Spring cleaning right? Like I dig wiping out cabinets and clearing out the clutter but I also had no idea that I was missing a huge area of my home. 
More than just our closets need to be cleansed. Our medicine cabinet did as well.
Listen - I had no idea how many of our OTC meds were expired until I started going through the cabinets. And I don't just mean cough syrups. Creams and other topicals also fall under the category of over-the - counter meds that need to be disposed of once they are expired. Prior to this year I admittedly hadn't given much thought to disposing meds as part of my Spring cleaning routine but now that I think about it more, I wonder why not? I get rid of everything else that's expired - why am I holding on to these OTC's? Apparently I'm not alone in this either. 
Something like, 62% of adults have never sought information on how to properly dispose their expired over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. And at least 50% of adults say they typically dispose of unwanted or expired OTC meds in the trash but only 8% mix them with undesirable substances before tossing.

We are all failing at this. But we can do better and disposal is really quite simple. 

To help you out with this and so you don't accidentally give your kids (or anyone else's) medicine that is past it's prime here's a short video with some quick tips on how to safely dispose of medicines so no one suffers.  Check, check, check it out y'all. 

You can also check out more information here:
Just a reminder those three steps for safe disposal a
ccording to the  U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are as follows:

Step One: Mix medicines (do not crush tablets or capsules) with an unpalatable substance such as kitty litter or used coffee grounds.

Step Two: Place the mixture in a container such as a sealed plastic bag.

Step Three: Throw the container in your household trash.

It's really that easy. And with all the coffee I drink you KNOW I got some coffee grounds lying around. 

Do you remember to clean out your medicine cabinet? And if you do - how come you never thought to remind ME??

Thursday, April 13, 2017

This Is For My Homegirls

Somewhere along the way I lost my mojo. My belief in myself waned when I was let go from what I thought was my dream job. And it took a long time for it to come back. I allowed myself to wallow in what I deemed a healthy and necessary manner but in reality it was the exact opposite.
I had lost my confidence in what I was capable of doing and had no real burning desire to keep moving forward. Which was a hard pill to swallow. I was doing work here and there but nothing felt like me. 

It was weird. And I was not a fan. 

But little by little I began to gather myself and revel in my badassery. I began to take risks that were not calculated and more true to myself than ever before and it paid of. My magic was working it's way back to me.  Mostly in the form of my tribe, the women I was surrounding myself with. My homegirls, my family and my friends. They were there cheering me on and tagging me when and where appropriate to keep me motivated and sharing my shit whenever they could. That got me through. These many awesome women I'm lucky to call girlfriends. 

They are more than just friends, they are part of my family and an ever growing community of kick-ass women who get shit done. I am proud to know them. I admire their tenacity and am inspired by their courage to take action when others are too scared too make a move. I cheer on their every achievement and whether near or far they know they can count on me for a 'yasss boo!' whenever they share a win. Both large and small. 

These women have saved me. 

They counseled and consoled me. They kept in touch when I shut down and pulled away. They lit the way when it was too dark for me to see. In short, they are my life lines and I am legit, hashtag blessed to have them in my corner. 

They reminded me of my magic and made it a priority to point it out to me at every turn. They challenge me and call me out when I fall short.  I don't always like that, but it's necessary and much appreciated. We all need friends who will tell us the truth about ourselves. Both what we want to hear and what we need to hear. 
Don't trip - we don't always see eye to eye on everything but that's not what's important, and would be totally boring if we did. I love them fiercely and with total abandon because of who they are as individuals, not who I want them to be.

Honestly, they're all so different it's kind of a wonder that we are friends but in this digital life there is kind of a secret sisterhood and they are the secrets to my success. There is something about knowing I have a several safe spaces to turn to when things get pear shaped and I feel too mired in the muck to move forward. Grateful for the women who text and sometimes call (although mercifully ask if I can talk before they do) to check on me and make sure I'm taking care of myself as well as I do my family. 

For years I struggled to find my people. For years I wondered when / if I was ever going to have the type of friendships I saw on TV and in the movies. Friends that would fly across the country in a heartbeat and let you snot cry into their shoulder. And I realize that I have that. I've always had that with a select few and I've added a couple more into the fold as the years have gone on. 
As we get older it gets harder to get together and staying up all night seems less exciting but when we are together we are unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with.

So cheers to you my friends, my homegirls, my comadres, my partners in crime and in petty shenanigans. I love you fiercely and with my whole heart and I thank you for all that you have done, have been and will do.


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