Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's Poison, But not like BBD

* I was compensated by the CHPA's Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, but all opinions are my own. 

For years I considered myself to "in the know" when it came to all things medicine related. Because my parents are in the medical field I thought I had a pretty good handle on all the nuances of handling over the counter meds. I never knew how much I didn't know until I had kids of my own and was suddenly hyper aware of all the things that could go wrong. 
Kids change everything y'all. 
Did you know more than 90% of poisonings occur at home and most are treatable and preventable.  Yep - you read that right. More than 90%. That's a LOT y'all. A LOT. 

And according to Safekids, half of the 2 million calls to poison control centers in 2011 were for exposures and ingestion's for kids 5 and under. Yikes!

Parents typically like to give their kids the benefit of the doubt and think, "My kid would never put a bottle of XYZ cleaner to their mouth" but don't consider about the drips on the side of the bottles that kids may come into contact with when digging around for items under the sink, especially if bath toys or bubble bath is stored in the vicinity. Those irritants can be especially damaging to delicate skin and are a cause of possible ingestion's. 

So how do we combat this? Well for starters keep all OTC medicines and household products (i.e. cleaners, soaps and detergents) out of reach of curious little hands as well as keep them in their original containers. Most of us store our household products under the sinks making them easy for US to access but not considering how interesting they might look to a small child. 

Second, be sure to have the number for the Poison Help Line readily available; we used to have a magnet on the fridge that had all this information, for anyone who might be watching the kids and have made sure that when Sweet Pea babysits she's very aware of what her brother is doing at all times. He's a curious fellow and sees no issue with grabbing a vitamin C off the shelf so it gives me pause to have anything else within reach. 
Third talk to your kids about what is safe and what isn't and be sure to dispose of all over the counter meds and household items in a safe manner so as to not cause any further harm to anyone handling them after the expiration or a spill.

Most of all, I just encourage parents to be diligent in their quest to keep their kids safe at home and while they're off visiting family and friends. Just because your house may be safe, doesn't necessarily mean everyone else takes the same precautions. 

When was the last time you checked to see if your household products were on the up & up? 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Getting Springtime Fresh

"This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B'gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own."

It's not secret I like seasonal shopping and shopping for the kids is my jam. What I don't always love is the closet clean-out that is required before I can do any shopping. I mean, I truly love organizing and re-imaginging wardrobes with all the new and exciting pieces that we find, but actually emptying the drawers and hangers of all the too small items kind of stresses me out. It seems simple enough to do but with a toddler underfoot it can be.... an adventure.

Some pieces that are too small are his "favorite" and I'm the worst mom ever for getting rid of them. Never mind the fact that the pants ankles are practically at his knees or the shirts have holes or you can see his midsection. He LOVES them.  
This year I did something different, I took him with me to go pick out a few fun items from OshKosh B'gosh to help the closet clean out go a little more smoothly. I figured, if he had new pieces to be excited about, he won't really miss that raggedy dino tee from last summer. 
I was right.

He is jazzed about his clothes and had so much fun running around the store picking up ALL THE THINGS and declaring them his new favorite. I had to remind him that while we had a 25% off coupon for our $40 + purchase we were still on a budget. But that's just another thing I love about Osh Kosh, we get a LOT of bang for our buck and I feel like I can ball out in there and not have buyers remorse when my husband asks how much I spent.

He still has pieces we bought in the fall that will mix well with our new spring style and I know these new items will last well into the summer. And for a mom who's kid is literally growing like a weed, seriously y'all, I don't understand how a 5-year old is so tall, it's basically a dream come true. While I focus more on comfort and fun styles, my husband wants the boy to look a little dapper as well. I love that with OshKosh we get the best of both worlds. He gets to rock fly duds that last for several seasons, that express his little personality and I get to rest easy knowing his clothes will last. 

And can we just talk about all the fun color combinations? I LOVE that they have so many bright and fresh color mixes for Springtime fun! I'm actually looking forward to taking family pictures this season as I know at least ONE of my kids will be well put together. We also picked out another more look as he loves a good polo style shirt and shorts. The husband likes that he is still casual but looks "cool" as he puts it. I can get with that. 

Not sure if there's an OskKosh near you? No worries- you can check here for a store locator so you can take advantage of this awesome coupon ( Online Code: OKBG3270 Retail Code: 036602 and score your 25% off your purchase as well. Because who doesn't like a coupon? 

Listen mamas, we all know cleaning out closets seasonally isn't the most fun but I've found that having the kids help in choosing replacement items makes it a little bit easier for them when you toss/donate their favorite shirt that has now turned into a paint magnet. But I'd LOVE to hear from you what are some of your favorite 

So what are you waiting for? Get to an OshKosh store near you and get to shopping!!


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