The Blow Out:How One Item Change Everything

I've had a love/hate relationship with doing my hair for as long as I can remember. 
I don't mind getting my hair done. As in, having someone else handle the washing, blow drying, pressing + styling, braiding, weaving or what have you. Just so long as someone else is doing the heavy lifting so to speak. 

Matter of fact, I didn't even really learn how to blow dry my own hair properly until a few years ago. It wasn't until I started getting weaves + braids more and more that I was forced to learn how to do it, not only in a timely manner, but so that it was actually dry all the way through. 
Because of that, I've had the same blow-dryer for an embarrassing number of years. Seriously. I mean, there's nothing wrong with having the same trusty appliance/equipment for years so long as it works properly. Mine did not.
Some mysterious piece broke off on the attachment so it stopped staying on. The bulky handle and awkward comb attachment made it hard to get a good rhythm going. It was bad enough that I had to use it to do my own hair, but then add Sweet Pea and all her hair into the mix and I used to dread wash day more often than not. 

Then I was cruising Instagram or SnapChat, who knows, and I saw Felicia of ThisThatBeauty post something about a handle-less dryer from Red by Kiss. I was blown away by the notion of a handle-less dryer. What is that like? How does that even work? I had so many questions. While I was intrigued, I filed it away on Pinterest and in the back of my mind and kept it pushing. In the grand scheme of things it seemed like an unnecessary expense at the time.
I was wrong y'all. So very wrong. After suffering through with the old dryer for so long I finally broke down and bought a new one last month. A late night Amazon cruise proved to be fruitful and I found the same dryer I'd previously seen for the low price of $15 (give or take) and I quickly swooped it up. It arrived two days later (thanks Prime!) and I had no choice but to take my crochet braids out and wash and blow dry my own hair. 
Y'all, it was kind of a magical experience. 
I mean, it's just hair washing right? But the shampoo & conditioner smelled great and left my hair all soft, silky and easy to de-tangle. And the blow-dryer? Oh. My. Word. Blow drying my hair has never been such a treat. It took me roughly thirty minutes to blow out my hair. That's it. The attachments stuck on quickly and easily and it was so much easier to hold without a bulky handle! It was a little weird at first to get used to maneuvering without the handle to fall back on but once I got the hang of it - I was just like: 


Yaasss, y'all. All the praise dance breaks. It was that amazing. Who knew such a small thing could bring me so much joy? Game changer for sure. Such a small item as well as investment and it more than paid for itself in terms of being worth it. 
Do I love doing my own hair all of sudden? Nope, not really. But, I no longer dread wash day and put it off.

How do you feel about your blow-dryer? 


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