Let's Hear It For The Girls:Why You Should Celebrate GALentine's Day

Valentine's day is just around the corner and as always I'm sort of scrambling with trying to remember all the details that come with being a mom during a holiday. There a ton of last minute minutia that I'm tasked with. Some of it is my own doing and some of it is lack of planning on their part with a whole lot of "ooh that would be fun" thrown in for good measure.  
Some of that includes the idea of hosting a Galentine's party , picking up or making a "little something" for my girlfriends just to say I love them. 


Oh yes, the whole Valentine's spirit isn't just limited to Bae and the kids. We gotta show love to the ladies who love us just as much as the people we share a bathroom with. 
My ladies hold me down year round and while we don't always get birthday or Christmas presents for one another, we show love whenever, wherever and however we can. 
Some of my love languages are acts of service and quality time so, the concept of celebrating how much I love the other people who love and hold me down makes total sense. 
And I truly believe it's something all women should embrace and start to celebrate more!


Here are five reasons why:

1) It's a good reason to get the girls together and get out of the house. Ladies night is always a great idea and GALentine's can be a fun excuse. Dance the night away or namaste to start your day with some yoga. 

2) For those without significant others it's nice for them to be able to celebrate the 'holiday' too! I mean, at one point, haven't we all gone out with our girlfriends on Valentine's because we didn't have a date? I know I have on several occasions. Same thing. Just a day or two early.

3) It doesn't have to be big. Seriously. Get together for coffee, go to a movie, do dinner, take a class of some kind,whatever, just make the time. It's not about what you do, but who you're doing it with that makes it fun right? 

4) Pinterest makes me do it! There are so many good ideas in there for cute cards, crafts and treats that it's hard not to get excited about every single holiday! Why not put all those quick DIY's to try to use? Make that pink & white snack or those bath bombs you've been wanting to try and gift away! 

5) Champagne!!! Duh. Champagne & cupcakes, Rose & donuts, Pizza & Prosecco all good reasons to grab some girlfriends and get your grub and gab on. What better reason for a chat fest? 

Life is short - make sure your people know how much they mean to you. 

Sometimes we take our friends for granted in the same manner that we do our families. We assume they'll always be around and available but if nothing else the last year has shown me that you never know what can happen and it's worth it to drag your butt all the way across town and go see your homegirl you haven't seen in person in months. Celebrate the love of your ladies like you do your lover. 

Do you celebrate GALentine's day or nah?


  1. Galentine's Day reminded me that my girlfriends and I haven't spent a day just for ourselves. So I took it upon myself to get the planning started for us! We are either doing a night at Burke Williams or a simple potluck party!


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