When the Weather Wrecks Your Skin

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Y'all, this winter is no joke. So normally I can be seen using my joking about California and our lack of seasons (#westcoastwinterstruggle) but lately, we've been having....weather. Like below 60 degrees cold, rain and hail. Hail, y'all. And because it's been a WHILE since we've experienced any type of real weather and as a result, my moisturizing game is all off. 

For some reason, my skin has been ridiculously dry lately. It's so bizarre because I STAY moisturizing. I pretty much douse myself in all the butters, oils and lotions each morning after my shower.  But this current season has been different it seems like no matter what I do, I can't stop the dry skin from creeping in. My husband doesn't seem to notice and thinks my legs are still soft and smooth and while my skin isn't thirsty dry, it's just dull and dry looking. That bugs met. My saving grace is that because it's pretty chilly out I am in pants pretty much everyday. Which could also be contributing to my dryness on some level. But like I said, I've never had this struggle before so I don't know. Bizarre yo. 

My husband has his own set of issues and because of that I am on him to keep himself moisturized in a myriad of ways as well. Having had eczema as a kid and never really treating it, seven years married and he makes it seem like he's still "new" to the ways of lotions and creams. It still bemuses me. 

Luckily for me he's willing to indulge me in my daily requests for him to slather up before he heads out and he's found a few creams that work to help reduce itching of his eczema which ultimately reduces his scratching and helps his skin clear up! It makes us all happy. The trick is getting him to remember to use it consistently. But, when he does...watch out now! You cant' tell him nothin' when his skin is rash free and feeling good. 

My teenager is also experiencing a bit of "winter skin" dryness but her struggle is the area around her face. Consistent nose blowing when she has a cold coupled with lack of hydration and remembering to use her face cream leaves her with a lackluster foundation. It's also important to me that her face cream have a little SPF in it as she's still exposed to the elements while walking through campus and in various activities. Just because it's winter doesn't mean the sun is any less harsh. Her lips also get awfully dry so she tends to get laced with an assortment of balms, glosses and salves for the holidays so she's set for a good long while. Now let's hope she stays consistent with their application. 

For more tips on how to treat winter skin issues that you or your family may be experiencing check HERE

Do you have any secret remedies for combating dry skin? 


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